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Elicia's current mailing addresses are:

Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

(When we get a mailing address for St. John's, we'll post it)

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22 May 2012 - "Happy Victoria day!!!‏"

 so yesterday was victoria day... so EVERYTHING was closed, SO we couldn't e-mail. sorry about that! but no worries, I'm alive and well!

   yesterday was still preparation day (but we couldn't shop or anything) so the St. John's elders, and some YSA from the branch played soccer for a while. and then we played American football, which me, and Elder Harty had to teach them how to play!?! they kept confusing the rules with ruby, it was so funny. and then we all went on a two hour hick around St. John's bay (where we saw a huge iceberg!). we were all so tired, but it was amazing!!! oh my gosh it's so beautiful here. can you believe I live in Newfoundland right now? I still can't believe it! last night we went to visit a less active and it turned out she had family there but she invited us in. we had a ReALLY cool conversation with them about all the places they have been. one place we talked about was Yellowknife! It made me think of Kenny, remember when he and Tanner wanted to go there? it sounds like a pretty crazy place. and then some how our conversation turned to God. they started asking us question about why bad things are happening in the world and why some people have "easy lives". i taught a little bit of the Plan of Salvation and bore testimony that through the atonement of Jesus Christ ALL will be made right, it was really spiritual! one of them started crying. it was an interesting day. \
   today, we woke we got to go to district meeting in Bay Roberts! OH MY GOODNESS it was the most beautiful drive! and bay Roberts is SOOOOOOO beautiful! seriously! Google it and see for yourself. on the way the district meeting i saw a wild moose!!! no joke! my first Canadian moose sighting! it was just walking along the road... it was SO cool!!! I've seen a moose, an iceberg and now i just need to see a puffin and my life is complete, haha!  


it occured to me this week that Sunday is my these favorite day of the week because it's SO stressful, there is SO much to do!!! I'm grateful to be able to have the sacrament but church is so hard to enjoy when you are worrying about investigators and less actives enjoying their time there and meeting with the branch president, etc. Sister simpson, (mission president's wife) said to us last sunday "you know missionaries need to observe sanday as a day of rest, you all work too hard on Sunday!" if only we could! but the work of the Lord is far more important than rest, THAT"S for sure.
      so Mount Pearl has been struggling the pass few months, the area hasn't hit the standard of excellence in a long time (if you don't know what that is talk to Kenny or Jayson or look it up in Preach my Gospel). so all week I begged and pleaded that we could this week! and guess what? we did! it was amazing. Heavenly Father is so mindful, and He has SO much in store for Newfoundland!!!! I feel it EVERYDAY when i wake up in the morning! I so grateful to be don't this work! I Love LOVE LOVE it here. mom, don't worry i'm not the least pit home sick. there is no where else i would rather be than right here. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. it's funny how The Lord really makes it so easy to love this work once you give your heart and mind to it. HE is THE BEST! I know Jesus Christ lives. I'm so honored to be His representative HERE in Newfoundland! I am so blessed! I'm so grateful for the opportunities for growth that I know lay ahead. I know my mission is prefect for me. i need to be here. the Book of Mormon is true!

                               Sister Bentley      

14 May 2012

first of all, it's preparation day and in the hand book it says that you are to write your family every Preparation day.

the St. John's branch is nice, I'm very excited to be working here. it was interesting/ cool because yesterday while I was watching President Simpson speak to and interact with the members of the branch I realized that Newfoundland must be his favorite place (because I had never seen him be so warm in the other branches I've served in). this caused me to realize that President would only send missionaries he trusted to Newfoundland, to serve in a place he loves so much. THEN I thought of how much the Lord loves this place, and that HE chose me to serve here! I am so honored to be serving in Newfoundland! I've fallen more and more in love with the place every minute.
    saying goodbye to the Simpsons yesterday was so hard! I cried! (actally I've about five time throughout this week over the fact that the Simpsons are leaving) but I got a big hug from President! it was bored line awkward  but it was the best! there have been so many times I've wanted to hug him! I'm so grateful to have been able to serve with him! I could go on and on... but now I understand what Kenny talks to positively about President McKonckie or Jayson about President Joyce! it truly is a special relationship between Mission President and Missionary.
     I was so happy I got to see Eveyln (I still can't spell her name) yesterday! yeah for Skype!

    love you! thanks for writing!

Sister Bentley  

this is picture Sister Simpson took of me and sister Davis (and our roses) yesterday during church

12 May 2012 - "arrived in NL... finally‏"

I've finally arrived in Newfoundland. so tomorrow... I know I told you 2 pm but there had been a change of plans and I won't be avalible until 5:30 pm NL time (which is half an hour ahead of Nova scotia time) and we will be able to skpe if you all are up for that. so whoever checks their e-mail today (saturday) make sure to let everyone else know. thanks!
              sister bentley 

07 May 2012 - "hello from... New Brunswick???"

hello everyone,
yes you did read the subject correctly... let me tell you about my last couple of days...
on wedsday we dropped Sister Huppe off at the mission home to pick up her new companion (Sister Hart) and they drove back to Truro. then on Thursday and half of Friday Sister Davis and I worked in Halifax, it was so fun having it be just the two of us! and crazy miricals continued to happen in Halifax! (hopefully I'll be able to explain later, but I have A LOT to talk about today) then Firday night Sister Spragg (sister Davis' new companion) and Sister Ott (who was picking up her new Companion from Newfoundland) came in and spent the night. Saturday morning my flight was at 11am and Sister Olsen (the sister being transfered out of Newfoundland was arriving at 2pm. so we get to the airport, go to check in and the computer won't let me check in. we come to find out that my flight was cancelled due to fog... FOG?!? so I asked the gate agent what I need to do now and she told me to go home because all the flights were cancelled/ backed up until tuesday.
     the four of us (Me, Sister Davis, Sister Spragg, Sister Ott) didn't know what to do so we called the office couple, and they said they would call the assistance/ Sister Simpson to see what to do. so the four of us started driving back to the Halifax aptartment when we recieved a phone call from the Assistance saying "sister Bentley get in the car with Sister Ott, you're going to Fredricton South." ...I was so shocked... I asked how long I would be staying there for their reply was they I could be there for a few days, a week, or maybe a whole transfer, they didn't know.
      so sister Ott and I loaded up the Fredricton car and drove 5 hours in the opposit direction of Newfoundland...
                           ....this is a true story... I still can't believe it. 
so just found...
I'm driving back to Halifax on Friday and I have a flight booked in Newfoundland on Saturday.
SO... this means that on Sunday (mother's day) I could either be in Newfoundland, if the flight goes through or I could be in Halifax (if I'm waiting for a flight) or I could be sent back to Fredericton...  
so I'm going to give to the Newfoundland Number and I hope the President will let me let you know if there are any changes. and if I'm not able to get to tell you I'm not in Newfoundland just ask which ever sister that picks up the phone number to where I am. number-X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. and be by the computer because I we have approval from President to skype but I don't know if I'll be able to yet. maybe we should plan for 2pm? once again, I have no idea when would be best but that should work... *sigh* sorry this is so silly.
 OH and btw, Newfoundland is in it's own time zone. so will you google it/ do the math to see when it would be in 2pm in Newfoundland? I tried to work it out in my head but I'm not even sure when time zone I'm in now!
 [Newfoundland is 1 Hour 30 minutes ahead of Eastern Daylight Time]

30 Apr 2012 - "TRANSFERS"

this email will probably be short, I'm typing really slowly today (I don't know why)

     everything happened this week, all our plans worked out! i don't know how! so many wonderful stories from this week! I'll only be able to share a few. first is my favorite thing that happened at sister's conference-
                                    (before you read this story you need to understand the President Simpson is very serious, tall, a lawyer and a mission president = super intimating)
      sister's conference was really fun. we spent 2 nights in the mission home just hanging out, talking being girls, etc. sadly, due to the fact that me, Sister Huppe and Sister Davis had so much going on we didn't have a lot of time to relax. Sister Huppe and I needed to prepare 2 special musical numbers (one for Truro church and one for Chase's baptism and they couldn't be the same because we were singing it to the same people) and so as soon as we had free time we ran to the piano and started singing trying to figure out what to sing from the Hymn book. we struggled, nothing was sounding or feeling good. after about half an hour someone entered the room and said "here Sister Bentley see if you can play these." I turned to see President Simpson holding a large stack of sheet music. he came in sat down on a chair next to the piano took the top song off the stack and handed it to me. I nervously took the music and began playing, I was shocked when President Simpson started SINGING!!! no joke! I turned to sister Huppe and she couldn't hide the shock on her face either! President handed me song after song and him and sister Huppe sang all of them. it was so fun! it felt a lot like all the times me, and Henry just hang around the piano and sing. but it was with President Simpson! crazy! I said to him " wow President you sing pretty well, I would have never guessed." he replied "well, Sister Bentley you maybe shocked to learn that I have been singing for a long time and I also play electric guitar." .... yes, this is a true story, it really did happen.... and President helped us find a great song to sing!
                         earlier that day we were in the temple and I got the impression that i need a blessing because Heavenly Father had something He needed to tell me and so that afternoon I I asked President if he would give it (Which was terrifying). so after singing, when things were quite again President pulled me and sister Davis and Sister Huppe into his office. he asked me what I needed the blessing for, I explained the prompting I received in the temple. then he layed his hands on my head and gave me a POWERFUL blessing, which said a lot of amazing things but the most terrifying was that I was about to be giving a lot of responsibility and that it was time to step up and be a leader. it said a lot more (sister Davis wrote it down for me) after that blessing President sat with us and expounded on more of what my blessing meant. He then flat out told me and Sister Huppe that the Lord was about to give us a lot more responsibility and that we were to be key leaders in our mission.
                            as you can imagine this made me TERRIFIED for transfers! on friday President made a special call just for us to tell us transfers. we learned that Sister Davis was to stay in Halifax, Sister Huppe would stay in Truro and train and that I am to be sent to Newfoundland as senior companion! I'm freaking out! I'm going to be senior companion in an area I don't know! which means I'll be making the decisions, I'll be doing the driving, I'll be responsible for everything in Mount Pearl Newfoundland. I'm so shocked.
                          so it is spring time here in Halifax but yesterday in SNOWED in Newfoundland!!! and the only way to get to Newfoundland is to take an hour and a half flight from Halifax. the branch in Newfoundland is so small that the branch president is President Simpson! the English everyone talks is completely different! apparently President Simpson doesn't know what they say half the time. and I'm senior companion! I'm freaking out!
                            I cried yesterday having to say goodbye to Truro! it was so sad! Jessica (who was baptized on March 31st) started crying when I told her I was leaving!

                          both the baptisms happened this week! Brother Chase who was baptized in Truro  was to happy! he is totally different then he was the day Sister Davis and I knocked on his door in January! On the day of his baptism the sisters and I bought him a while shirt and 2 ties (which I was able to figure out sizes because of my experience with white shirts& 3 brothers). I got to teach him how to tie a tie! (Jayson I taught him a double Windsor all thanks to you!) it was an amazing day! I wish I could have put it in a bottle and kept it forever! the spirit was so strong at Brother Chase's baptism! Sister huppe and I sang well, it was kind of a miracle.

                   wish I could write more!
                          Love, Sister Bentley

PS. thank you for your prayers, I still have a head cold. I'm hoping it will go down when I'm in just one area again! 

some pictures from sister's conference. hopefully seeing a picture of president Simpson will help make my story more understandable

23 Apr 2012 - "Still Alive"

Dear everyone, my Companions and I are doing alright. it's hard being with two people all the time! I love them but they certainly aren't prefect (nor am I). This experience certainly has shed some light on what it will be like to be married, to an imperfect person. (thank goodness I'm not marrying a girl) I love my Companions though, I'm going to be so sad (but grateful) when this 2 area thing is over... I've been sick this week. I slept for half on Thursday, most of Friday and all of Saturday. my companions dropped me off at a senor couple's home on saturday so I could sleep and they could work. it was so sad to not be with them working. but I worked Sunday and today even though my head still pounds and I have a nasty cough. we have a GREAT week coming up. we have planning 2 baptisms this weekend! and we have Sister's Conference (where are all 7 sisters in our mission getting to come to the mission home for a few days to go to the temple and be trained) I'm super excited. hopefully I'll have lots of good news next week! love, Sister Bentley

16 Apr 2012

so, I'll try to remember everything I need to tell you. I did get the package you sent... I'm glad you got my package. how did you all feel about ketchup chips/ maple cookies?... I woke up today with the flu, my companions have it too (but apparently I looked really bad this morning that my companions "forced" me to go back to bed. but then I "forced" them to go to the library to e-mail this afternoon. this has certainly been a week of feeling support from home! not only did I get a package from you guys. I also got a package from Grandma. I got letters from friends from the MTC, a letter from the Wiggins and then this morning I had SEVEN letters in my mail box from people in the Fayetteville YSA Ward!! I am so grateful, to all those who followed the spirit and chose to write me this week (I guess it was actually two weeks ago because of silly Canadian mail service) but I certainly felt the love! thank you all so much! of course, being a missionary isn't about receiving letters but when you've had a long week it is a nice pick-me-up. (and don't forget to write to my dear, sweet companions too Sister C. Davis and Sister Huppe) Heavenly Father continues to bless Sister Davis, Sister Huppe and I. this week we've have many trials with a lot of our investigators. we've had some many reasons to give up or to even go home. but in those moments it's amazing to me how pushing forward, going out and working and testifying of the truthfulness of the message of The Gosple will give you the boost you need. Heavenly Father really is the best! we are planing another baptism this weekend! and then one the following weekend! it's that just amazing?!? this NEVER happens in the Canada Halifax mission! Heavenly Father is LITERALLY POURING the blessings of heaven upon us! and be barley have room to receive! I just love these people. I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world then serving, loving and teaching the people here! even when I'm ridiculously tired there still isn't anywhere I would rather be! Love you all! Sister Bentley P.S. so I have a question for you. I know this is far in advance, but sister davis is going home soon and she talks about it a lot. and can't help but thing what will happen in 14 months for me! I'm sure you and mom will ask me to come to Halifax and tour my mission with me but I think I would rather go to Spain and tour your mission dad! the only reason I'm writing about it now is because a trip like that takes planning and saving. so what do you think about that? don't worry, I love it here. I'm not aching to be done or anything.

09 April 2012

this is picture from a Zone conference from one of the Zones we are in. a don't remember if I send it before
I'm going to quote my letter to president again because it sums up a lot of this week, this week has been crazy (but what week isn't crazy when there is a baptism to prepare for?) everything is seriously one big blur! last night when we were reflecting on what we have done this week i honestly had forgotten that we had taught one of our investigators, Dave, on Tuesday because it felt like it had been eternity since we had seen him! but things are going pretty well, how can I complain about anything when Saturday we had a wonderful baptism? Marcie (I mean Sister Webb) is such a sweet spirit! I just love her, and it was such a privilege to be at her baptism and get to see her grow closer to Heavenly Father. after her baptism she said that she felt 'all warm and tingly' and that she was excited to be confirmed. on Sunday while she was being confirmed she was promised amazing blessings! when we asked her how she felt after church, she said "before, I would always feel warm, happy and at home whenever I would read the Book of Mormon or go to church but it would always leave. I felt that way when I was being blessed and it hasn't left!!" isn't that just a prefect description of the Holy Ghost verses The Gift of the Holy Ghost? it was such a learning moment for me! Heavenly Father truly has promised us to have the Holy Ghost with us always, and He will keep His promise and we keep His commandments! I'm just so blessed at everything Heavenly Father is showing and teaching me! it's super hard sometimes, still but He keeps helping me get through it and usually feel joy along the way. I really don't understand how everything is still going but it is, everything hasn't blown up yet. in fact, in the limited amount of time that we had to street contact this week we found and set up appointments with great people! I'm really looking forward to teaching them this week. we have had so many powerful lessons, it's amazing especially since we are all so tired but because we keep trying the Spirit really had been the one to teach and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. really the biggest opposition we've had this week has come from the members. it just blows my mind that we had a wonderful baptism in Halifax this week and one in Truro last week and members still think that us working in two areas is somehow a trial for them and that the areas are suffering because of it! their lack of faith is frustrating, and really makes me sad. especially since every time any of us hear people talk that way we bare testimony that this is The Lord's work and as long as we are faithful HE will never let His vineyard suffer. but apparently it just hasn't sunk in. so this week we had ANOTHER BAPTISM! it was so wonderful! her name is Marcie, she is a student at Dal Housie, she is 20 and she has surblo-palsy (I don't know how to spell it) she is such an inspiration! it's just amazing to me all of these people that the 3 of us have met and started teaching ever since we have been a trio are getting baptized! and we have more coming up! I know it was The Lord's plan to put the three of us together. what a blessing and a miracle! and there are more to come. on Saturday was Sister Huppe's 22 birthday so while we were filling up the baptism font (it took 4 hours) Sister Davis and I made her dinner and a cake. it was so much fun! (We giggle way too much in our companionship) I made banana, strawberry, and nutella stuffed french toast! sister Davis made fresh sausage, biscuits, sausage gravy and home made syrup. it was pretty much the best dinner I've had in 4 months! it was so good and so fun! and also, I learned this week that Sister Huppe grew up and was best friends with Molly Emmette (one of my roommate from LDS Business College) small world! we met a crazy guy this week! we knocked on his door and started testifying of the Book of Mormon. as soon as he learned who we were he started staying crazy this like. "the last 10 Presidents of the Unite State were Mormon" after a few minutes we were done with his crazy talk so Sister Huppe tried to leave by shaking his hand but he wouldn't let go and kept saying crazy things about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. once we were able to get him to let go we all simply started walking away because he won't stop talking. he followed us all the way down his drive way yelling "stop wasting you time, go home!" but we simply ignored him. on the next door we met a sweet girl that was looking for more in her life and happily let us teach her. if we had listened to him we would have met her! Heavenly Father loves all His children. I'm so privileged to be lead to those who have been prepared! The Gospel IS true. Joseph Smith WAS God's prophet and Thomas Monson IS HIS prophet TODAY! Love, Sister Bentley

02 Apr 2012

we had a baptism on Saturday and everything fell apart! so we were running around all morning and missed that whole session! [Saturday AM General Conference] it was so sad!

26 Mar 2012 - "Tales of the Gypsy Missionaries"

this is the first day of my 3rd Transfer. meaning I am an 'officially trained missionary', I don't feel like it! it still feels like my first day! the new sister doesn't come for 6 more weeks, so I have 6 more weeks of 3 companions, 2 phones, 2 apartments, and a hour and a half drive in between. this is part of what I wrote to my mission President today, it's a small taste of the amazing things that have been happening while we have been in this fiery-furnace;

oh boy what a crazy week it's been! we have literally been going from lesson to lesson, barely having time to 'find' and yet we have found new investigators in both our areas this week! Heavenly Father really is just so merciful.
things really have been going well, I'm not even as tired as I should be. in fact whenever I feel 'too tired to go on' I always just 'go one more step' and then a miracle happens which renews my energy and I'm excited to keep going.
Jessica Conrad in Truro, is so excited to get baptized on Saturday! in fact, she has been getting everything together! after we explained what needed to happen, she took the initiative to ask everyone (baptism, witnesses, ect.). because she is so excited to be baptized the Truro Branch is starting to get excited. the members are actually willing helping to get everything together! It's such a miracle on so many levels!
Marcy in Halifax is also super excited about being baptized on the 14th of April. she loves church, and loves living and learning about the gospel. Heavenly Father has just been preparing her so such! and she has even said again and again 'God has been preparing me my whole life to become a Mormon.' It's just amazing that she recolonizes it Heavenly Father's hand in her life so well.
our new investigator in Truro is an older man named Dave. Sister Davis and I knocked into him about 7 weeks ago, we had set up several appointments but things just kept coming up (for him and for us). and then on Tuesday we decided we were going to just stop by and see if he is still interested. he was home! and he told us that five minutes before we came he though to himself 'gee, this would be a great day for those girls to stop by.' amazing right? we came in and taught the Plan of Salvation, which he was just soaking in like a sponge! and when Sister Davis pulled out a book of Mormon for him to see he said 'I've had one of those in the glove compartment of last three cars! I've never read it but there was something about it that I could never throw it away. I liked having it around." amazing right? SO prepared!

We have just been going going going going going (we taught 22 lessons this week, which is a TON for Canada Halifax)! we travelled back and forth three times last week! I did a lot of reading (because we aren't a loud to sleep in the car)! it's hard, and I'm tired. but somehow I still am able to wake up at 6:30 every morning!

there are so many more examples of miracles! just in the past week! I'm really just in AWE of Heavenly Father's love and caring hand in my life and in the lives of everyone in Truro and Halifax south. just from the past three weeks I've seen miracle after miracle after miracle! God is a God of miracles! and no being in earth or hell could convince me otherwise!

I got to go to the temple this week too! it really is the Lord's House, The Holy Ghost is just so strong there! I learned so much!

Gospel is True!!!! i love it!

Sister Elicia Bentley

19 Mar 2012

I have been so blessed this week! Jessica, the girl I talked
about last week that just showed up for church Sunday, is so prepared!
she is loving the Book of Mormon, she finished 1 Nephi and the first
few chapters of 2 Nephi and she has only had The Book of Mormon for a
week! and she prays after every chapter she has read. she told as that
she just can't put it down and that she knows it's true. honestly, I
was a little worried about if she really understood the commitment of
baptism but then last night when we taught her about baptism and
confirmation she just kept saying 'yes, I want that. this is what I've
been looking for in my life.' and she has been studying
and I guess she read about the dress and grooming standers of the
church because she took her nose ring out and unlike that first time
we met her. she is just such a miracle The Lord has prepared her! she
wants to be baptized as soon as possible!
last night when we were teaching her I got the impression to ask
her about and the things she has been learning on it. when
she told me that she chats with missionaries on-line all the time I
asked her if one of the mission's names was Elder Tucker. she said
yes! Lyndsay's brother is teaching her too! small world huh?
there have just been so many miracles! miracles are what happen
when you have faith. I know this is true. and I know Heavenly father's
plan is prefect.
one of our investigators in Halifax was going to be baptized this
week. but the night before she said that she doesn't believe Thomas
Monson to be a prophet. it was heart wrenching! we are still teaching
her and prayer for her. but it's just so sad! I wish like Alma that I
could be an Angel and shake the earth with my testimony and proclaim
throughtout the world that Jesus is The Christ and that Joseph Smith
was His prophet and the the Book of Mormon IS TRUE. but I cannot, I'm
such doing the best I can just being a missionary.
I hope you can follow my train of thought in this letter, I'm kind
of exhausted and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.
also, how is Jasmine Beckwith and Rachel Taylor? and are there
pictures from Maddy's wedding I could see?
okay so I'm going to be sending a package home soon with maple
cookies in it. lately I've been coming up with some interesting baking
ideas. one that I really want to try is a blue berry pie with Maple
cookie pie crust (making it the same way you make gram cracker crust).
when you get the package will you trying to make it and see how it

Sister Bentley

12 Mar 2012

this has been the longest week ever. my companionship currently has
a baptism to plan for this weekend, 4 other people set to be baptized
soon, we have 22 investigators, and 15 recent converts to take care
of... needless to say we are BUSY! every night we plan as a
companionship, normally daily planning ends at 9:30 but the earliest
we've finished has been 10:15 (and we have to be in bed by 10:30). we
are constantly on the phone or making lesson plans or driving or doing
dozens of other things. I'm a little stressed...
it's been funny how clearly this is The Lord's work because 'the
numbers' for both areas have been amazing! and it hasn't been because
of us because we have only spent half a week in a area. but that
doesn't stop this work from going forward!
for example we were in Truro's sacrament meeting yesterday when
this non-member walks in, and tells us that she has been researching
'the mormons' and she has been looking for more in her life and that
this was probably it!!! yeah, that REALLY did happen yesterday!
Heavenly Father is amazing! I am so inadequate, so weak and yet with
HIM all things are possible, including building up two areas at once.
I wish I could write more but I've had a very stressful preparation
day and it is soon coming to a close...

Book of Mormon and see for yourself

I love you all and pray for you!

Sister Bentley

05 Mar 2012

That's right Emergency Transfers this week!

one of the Sisters in Halifax has been sick for 5 weeks and so
Saturday they sent her home. on Friday Sister Davis and I were weekly
planning in our apartment when we get a call from President Simpson.
He informs us that Sister Russo would be going home and that we would
be in a trio with Sister Huppe (Sister Russo's Companion)! but then
President added. "that leaves us in a tough spot though sisters
because there are lots of great people that are being taught in
Halifax. so I need the three of you to work both areas."
yup, you read that right... so I am now working in Truro and
Halifax South. My two areas are over an hour apart (and we past 3
other mission areas on our way) and they are as different as night and
day! Truro is a small town and Halifax in the capital of Nova Scotia!
we've almost knocked on every door in Truro and in Halifax they don't
even knock on doors because of all the people you meet on the street!
President said that this arrangement needs to last 9 weeks and
that it is our responsibility to keep both areas thriving and strong
for when the new Sister comes (in 9 weeks). So that means that the
next 9 weeks will consist of 3 companions, 2 areas, 2 Apartments, 2
cell phones, 1 car, 1 YSA Branch, 1 Family Branch, over 20
investigators, no travel restrictions, and we currently have 4
baptisms to plan for. ...Crazy right?...
I'm going to be so busy! literally every thought, every action
must for the people here because we have so many to care for! I'm
nervous and excited. this is going to be a crazy awesome adventure!
one of the great things about it is that it will totally depend
on the members' diligence to keep the work going. because we aren't
going to have much time to do anything but teach, our 'finding time'
is going to be very limited. In the YSA Branch I'm not too worried,
they have so many great kids that are talking to their friends about
the gosple and want to help with the work! in Truro I'm a little more
nervous, but no unhallowed hand can stop The Lord's work! I have
complete faith that this is The Lord's will and that I've just began
nine weeks of miracles!
So I'll be spending half the week in Truro and half in Halifax,
carrying all my food with me and living out of a suitcase. Right now
i'm in Truro and on Wednesday night after teaching a lesson we are
driving to Halifax to stay until saturday night.
frankly, I'm honored that we were given this assignment there
are so many other areas that are closer to Halifax and yet The Lord
chose me, Sister Davis and sister Huppe to care for them both! I hope
I am dilligent enough to let The Lord bless the areas!

Love Sister Bentley

27 Feb 2012

first of all, where on earth did February go? secondly, I'm so glad
you saw Mrs. Pressley! I've been thinking about them! I remembered
Anna on her birthday, I wanted to send her a card so badly but I don't
have their address. I think they live on HWY 81? anyways, if the
Pressley family is reading this, I love you!!! and Anna, HAPPY 21
BIRTHDAY! (13 days late...)

as for me well, I've been so richly blessed the pass week! It's such a
blessing to get to see the change the gospel makes in people's lives!
I just love the Lord so much for allowing me to be here and for
trusting me with this sacred assignment to further His work.

Sister Davis and I have been working hard this week and staying busy.
we've been teaching lots (investigators, members, recent converts and
less active) the Spirit has just been so evident in our work this
week! I just love that Sister Davis and I do so little but as long as
we trust in The Lord than The Spirit is what changes hearts and minds
and gives people the opportunity to find true happiness in their

so physically I'm SOOOO tired... but spiritually I just want to keep
going all day. example, on Saturday morning I woke up at the normal
time of 6:30, but wasn't feeling to great. nonetheless I prepared for
the day. during companion study I really wasn't feeling good, I kinda
had a breakdown... my dear sweet Trainer told me to go back to bed. I
reluctantly obeyed. I fell asleep around 10:30 am and I didn't wake up
until 6pm... that is how tired I was! needless the say I feel much
better. but what better way run yourself exhausted than in the service
of The Lord.

Lorizana Family, thank you for the letter! I LOVE all of the
homemade cards! they totally brightened my day! my companion was a
little jealous that I got so many sweet/ crafty notes! you all are so
wonderful! thank you again!

today for personal study I was reading Alma 52-55. and I really struck
me how Heavenly Father uses all of our 'little trials' for our good
and that as we continually choose to grow from our hardships in life
we will someday be a useful (and sometimes required) tool in
furthering His Work. just like Laman, he had to go through a lot of
trials which eventually lead him to be the means that so many of the
Nephites (people who use to be Laman's emeny) were able to be rescued
without the shedding any blood! amazing! see what happens when we let
The Lord be our guide?

Sister Bentley

20 February 2012

... whenever people ask about my family I always tell them
that the first grand-baby is coming soon, and that she is going to be
just the cutest and that she will be spoiled rotten!
okay so weather this week, it's been so warm! I even didn't have to
wear a scarf the other day! and the day before I started sweating a
little while walking up a hill, which tells me two things 1. I am out
of shape 2. SPRING IS COMING! everyone is shocked! but I'm so excited!
the sun has been shining almost all day everyday...
they changed the sister dress/ grooming site. so if anyone wants to
look on the site and send me fun cloths (especially jewlery and
purses) like this site that would be sweet. you don't have to, just a
so on Saturday Sister Davis and i planned and put together our
first baptism. sadly, it wasn't for one of our investigators but it
was for one of the 8 year-old girls in the branch. she had been
wanting to be baptized since she turned 8 in September, her mom didn't
know how (and didn't want put the effort into learning how) and no one
else in the branch took the initiative to do it and so the Sister
Missionaries took care of everything. normally the branch mission
leader would be the one to coordinate most baptisms but he was just
baptized himself 3 months ago and we are in the prosses of teaching he
about the church/ his calling. everything came together in the end but
it was kind of a disaster. Sister Davis and I agreed that now we have
experience for when we are planning for our children's baptisms.
as I as reading the Book of Mormon this morning I came across
Alma 38:9 to me it was saying that true wisdom= faith is Jesus Chirst.
I love this gospel so much! I love that I get to share it with others.
my favorite thing I've experience so far on my mission is seeing
change in the countenance of those we are teaching. seeing the spirit
work in someone really is amazing. and I'm so blessed to get to see it
first hand!!! and I don't do anything, the Spirit literally does all
the work. did I mention I'm so blessed to be here? I love it and I
love HIM who's work this is. I keep thinking "these were times never
to be forgotten" (I'm pretty sure that's a quote from Oliver Cowdery
talking about working with Joseph Smith)
tomorrow is my first Zone Leadership training. it over an hour
away in Newglassgo. it will pretty much be roll playing from 8 am to 4
pm and since Sister Davis and I are the only sisters in the Zone we
have the privilege of roll playing with President Simpson and the
Assistance... I'm kind of terrified.
OH and President Simpson also asked (well really it was more of an
assignment) to speak with him next week in sacrament meeting. I don't
mind speaking but i'm a little bit intimidated to speak with him.

... so Sister Davis and I volunteer at a nursing home on Fridays, and
there are always people there who volunteer their time and talents to
sing and play for the seniors. I always think "Henry and I could
totally do this..." wouldn't it be fun to go sing some old show tunes
for a nursing home?
the work is hard, and the 'numbers' aren't satisfying. but it is the
sweetest feeling to come in after working your heart out all day,
getting rejection after rejection and having no "measurable success"
but then getting on your knees and feeling the Holy Ghost whisper your
work has been excepted by The Lord. up to this point in my life, I
have never felt anything so delicious, so sweet, so satisfying as to
have the Holy Ghost "consecrate my performance... for the welfare of
my soul" (2 Nephi 32:9)

love you all,
Sister Bentley

13 Feb 2012

This is Elicia's district.

13 Feb 2012

things are going okay here. the week went by so fast! today is the
first day of my 2nd transfer. life as a missionary is just crazy. I
can't explain it, just go on a mission then you'll understand.
we've been knocking a ton this week, (and it's crazy to me how many
men answer the door with no shirt on in the winter) and it hasn't been
fun because of the weather! but because of our dillegence and The
Lord's blessings we have a lot of teaching appointments this next
I realized this week that I don't feel satisfied when sister Davis
and I have "good numbers" for the week. what brings me the most
satisfaction is walking into the apartment at the end of the day and
feeling The Holy Ghost assure you that your work has been excepted by
The Lord. When I feel that way, than I'm ezcited to wake up the next
day and knock for 12 hours just as long as it is for The Lord.


I was just talking to someone that had been in GA this week, they said
it was pretty cold! that's too bad!

honestly, -3 is warm. I'm greatful when it's just -3. the weather this
week has been crazy. on wed it was kinda warm (+5 degrees) and sunny!
on thrusday it was +3 and rainy, everyone said it was 'pouring rain'
but they've never seen a Gerogia rain storm. on friday and most of
saturday it was still pretty mild. then Saturday night/ Sunday morning
I incountered something I thought people only joked about... FREEZING
RAIN... on Sunday morning we woke up to -17 and an sheet of ice an
inch thick on EVERYTHING! trees were frozen in strange directions and
all the outside stairs has become ice-ramps! and sadly here in Nova
Soctia they are 'cancel happy' meaning they look for any and every
excuse to cancel everything! so church was canceled. you know what
that means? we knocked doors all day yesterday! woohoo! it wasn't too
bad. it was a little scary walking on ice all day but I survived.
actually it's kind of a funny story, we had been out for a few
hours and I was cold, and no one was listening, so I was complaining
to The Lord in my head about the weather and how hard missionary work
is sometimes. I then thought/ prayed to The Lord "Father am I even
suppose to be here?!? why aren't things happening?!? Why don't you
just send me some place else if I keep messing things up?!?" I had
scarcy thought that thought when I slipped and fell right on my back.
as I layed on the ground for a moment I realized I was being silly and
I instantly started laughing! Heavenly Father had just knocked some
sense into me. I felt so much better after that! (BTW I slipped on a
non- smooth ice patch of ground, so there was no logical reason for me
to fall)
on that note, sister Davis and I have almost knocked all of Truro...
seriously! we are kind of freaking out about it. we are going to try
to start working through members more.


06 Feb 2012

Dear everyone,
I'm cold... you know it's cold outside will your face hurts the
moment you walk out the door!
last night we were knocking in -16 weather with a wind chill of -28!
THAT WAS COLD! we could only be outside for about twenty minutes
before we were numb (even though I was wearing 10 layers and toe
warmers!). needless to say we only knocked for a twenty minutes last
night! LOL!
I was talking to someone from Alberta the other day and she said that
-25 in Truro feels like the -60 in Alberta! so yeah, it's cold. I
pretty much wear ever item of clothing I own every day... okay it's
not that bad. but there have been times while knocking that I think
about my MTC District that went to California and Arizona and I try
not to get jealous.
so the Truro Branch just had someone return home from their mission
in Texas. during church he came right up to us to announce with pride
that during his whole two years he never had to knock a door. The
Halifax Canada mission is different from Texas. but it doesn't have to
everyone listen closely to what I'm about to tell you. HELP YOUR
FULL-TIME MISSIONARIES! and I don't mean feeding them. I mean prepare
your friends to except the gospel. don't throw a BOM in their face, to
tell them that HAVE to meet with missionaries or else. live the
gospel! and I don't mean just be good I mean OPEN YOUR MOUTH and tell
people why you have so much peace and happiness in your life. as you
freely and happily talk about the Gospel I promise it won't be awkward
and you will receive the blessings that come from fulfilling YOUR
responsibly from THE LORD to find people for the missionaries to
teach. knocking is a way to find but it is not effective. it takes me
and sister Davis 2 hours to find one person that is willing to let us
come back 5 out of 10 times they aren't home when we go back 3 out of
10 times they change their minds. and out of the 2 that actually
listen 1 lets us come back again and .5 actually progress in the
gospel. most poeple are brought into the church by their friends
inviting them!
I'm so grateful to have the gospel in my life! what a joy! what a
rare blessing to have been taught the only true gospel my whole life!
think about only 15 million people have this message. there are so
many more that need to hear and are willing to hear! we just have to
share with them. (it will only be awkward if you make it awkward)
so I've been trying to find some
really dependable snow boots, but they are hard to find in a small
town like Truro...
whoever thought of sending the tacobell sauce was BRILLIANT! there is
taco bell up here but no sauces, it kind of blows my mind! feel free
to always send more of that! ;) thank you so much for the package! as
soon as the UPS truck pulled up I just knew it was from you guys.

the church is just so different here.
I mean it's the same organization and gospel but the people... are
just so Canadian...
Canadians are seriously the most indirect people I've ever met!
communication is so bazaar, no one listens to each other and no one
takes the initiative to actually DO something they would rather sit
around for hours and TALK about doing it. seriously! Branch council
will run for over 2 hours, and nothing will have been decided or
delegated! last Sunday we were in the meeting for 2 1/2 hours before
the Progress Record was even mentioned! and no one ever looks at the
BUT there is hope, the Lord has had 5 young families move in from
places where the church is stronger and these families understand how
the church is suppose to run, so I'm hoping they will be able to help
get everything straighted out!

love you,
Sister Bentley

30 January 2012

 this week has been crazy. I do not have words or time to explain everything, SO I'm going to pull a 'jessica' and tell you the best thing that happened, one bad thing that happened and the craziest/ funniest thing that happened.
good- the best thing was that one of your investigators came to church and liked it!!!!
bad- on Tuesday after district meeting the office couple told me and sister Davis that everyone from the district was coming to our apartment to put together new desks and drawers for us! it was so nice, but it took all day! sister Davis and I couldn't leave, because there were people/ Elders in our apartment! so we had to cancel our appointments for that day! and some of our appointments we couldn't get a hold of so we pretty much stood them up... it was so frustrating! but it was so nice that they all stayed and helped because it would have taken just me and sister Davis forever!
Crazy- for the past two weeks our car has been making funny noises. so on Friday we called Elder Foley (the Office Elder) to ask what he wanted us to do. after doing some research he informed us that the only place that would be able to fix our car was in Halifax! Elder Foley insisted we bring the car to the office to get a new car on that very day, even though the weather man said it would snow. and so we once again had to through out our plans for the day and drive to Halifax in the snow! we left at 3pm and didn't get back until 7:30 pm. it was quite an adventure. Sister Davis drives in snow very well.

I also just want to say that I love my mission president, President Simpson! something happened this week that gave me a testimony that he is inspired and that The Lord has called me to be here because President Simpson needs to be my mission president. I liked President Simpson before and I thought he was a good and smart man but now after what has happened, I love him and he IS MY MISSION PRESIDENT, and I am grateful to be one of the few missionaries (66) that serve under his direction! in the handbook it says "your loyalty is first to the Lord than your Mission President, then your companion..." I now feel that is how my loyalties are. (remind me in 16 months and maybe i'll tell you what happen.)

I think that's all I have for today, Love you
Sister Bentley

Jan 23, 2012

I'm doing fine. this week has been hard, hard, HARD. we had a lot of
investigators drop us (even after reading the Book of Mormon), we had
lot of people yell at us, we had a lot of tracking in -12 weather...
and barley any sleep, and an ear and backache. I'm gonna be honest,
there were moments this week that I considered what it would be like
to go home. then I remembered Jesus Christ, the rejection He faced,
the people that yelled and spat at Him even though THE SON of God was
standing right in front of them! and then I would remember what HE has
done for me... how could I turn me back on someone who loves me enough
to pay for my dumb, thoughtless mistakes?
well... I can't. I love HIM too much to leave HIM and HIS great work behind.
I love FATHER in HEAVEN as well, I know HE is there.
So... this week... has been so fast! I can't believe it's Monday
again! and I CAN"T believe it's the 23rd! holy cow! Mission life is
strange that way. the minutes usually feel like YEARS but the weeks
are like moments! it's crazy.
we started teaching a man named 'Denver' this week, he is from
Jamaica. he is just what you might expect from a Jamaican, dreadlocks,
Bob Marley posters, everything! I love him! when we taught him about
the restoration his eyes get really big and said "I need to know if
this is true!" we are teaching him again tonight, i'm looking forward
to it.
My companion, Sister Davis, is awesome! she is completely
organized in every way, she is a total nerd, and she loves the gospel!
I'm so grateful for her! I don't want another companion, or another
area for that matter.
so crazy story! last week Sister Davis was telling me that her
family loves eggs, spam and rice for breakfast. she talked about how
much she missed it! (the Canadian version of spam is called "Kam" it's
apparently not the same)
and then on Sunday in our "feed the missionaries" basket there was
spam! she we tickled pink! it just goes to show that Heavenly Father
is always listening and that He wants to bless us.
I still think canned meat sounds gross...
so I still can't believe I'm in Canada! it's so strange, every once
in a while I 'realize' that I'm in Canada and I always wonder how on
earth I got here.
so the Truro Branch has a goal of becoming a ward by the end of
2012. and so the Branch Pres. is really trying to get people to start
becoming active members of God's kingdom, he asked sister davis and I
to speak on obedience in sacrament meeting. (before I continue the
story I should tell you that we listen to Gen. Conference talks on CD
that sister davis burns. and this week the theme of the CD was 'Elder
Holland' and so all week we've been listening to him calling everyone,
especially the priesthood to repentance. he is so EPIC, I want to be
like him!) so yesterday i stood up to speak and I quoted from memory
the 121 section of the D&C starting in verse 34 to the end, but
changing the words a little bit to say 'they' instead of 'he' ect. and
then, I don't know what came over me but I said "brothers and sisters
a marvelous work is about it come forth in Truro. if you aren't with
the work you are against it. IT WILL COME FORTH WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.
if you want to go from being 'called' to being 'chosen' then you must
wake up and do something about it, before it is everlastingly too
I think I had been listening to too much elder Holland... I don't
know what good it will do but we'll see. I'm always worried about
being too forward here, but it is too late now...

thank you all for your love and prayers!
Sister Bentley

January 16, 2012

this week has been crazy. first lets talk about the weather. on monday
and tuesday it was a normal -2 or -3, so cold but no big deal. then on
wendseday it snowed a TON and then on thursday it was -25! NO JOKE!
and then on Friday it was +8 outside and rained like crazy... it's
been nuts. today it was -15 (not including the wind chill).
we had most of our appointments fall through this week so guess what
we did? we went knocking in -5, -11, -25, and +8 with a ton of rain.
yes, it's been a... fun... week.
not that I'm complaining, The Lord has still blessed me so much!
sister Davis and I are constantly being guided to people who need our
this week I had my first in-field district meeting. it was
interesting. there are only 5 companionships in the district and 2 of
them are senior couples. so we role played, talked business. I we
asked to stand and bare my testimony. it was nice but I do miss my MTC
district and I'm a little jealous they are all in warm places. but I
know this is where the Lord wants me to be, so I'm holding on and
moving forward.
we got 2 new investigators this week! Doug and Marylin Jordan. they
are an older couple, but they sure don't act old. I love them! we
knocked into them, and Doug told us how he knew there was a God and
that Bible was the word of God but that the Bible wasn't prefect. We
testified of the Book of Mormon as being complete truth, he was very
intrigued and invited us to come back. so we went by their house on
Saturday night. they were both home, but Doug was only in a bathrobe,
SO AWKWARD! after he got decent, we taught them about the restoration
and the Book of Mormon and what it means for them that there is a
prophet on the earth again. Doug cried when we recounted Joseph
Smith's experience of the 1st vision. they both had GREAT questions!
after the lesson we committed them to read the introduction and pray
to which Doug replied "you think I'm ONLY going to read ONE PAGE
before you come back? I plan on having most of it read!" so
incredible, I know he is going to be so blessed! and I'm so blessed to
have been there to witness the spirit work within him.
Heavenly Father is so real! He is so involved in our lives. I really
don't do anything here in Truro but witness miracles.

so my back has been hurting a ton (to the point that I could barely
bend over) it's made even getting out of bed in the morning hard, let
alone everything else missionaries do. so one night I knelt and prayed
my heart out to have the pain go away. the next morning, I got out of
bed without a problem! it was so exciting! my back isn't pain-free but
relying on The Lord has made it better. if it's possible would
everyone mind praying for my back/ body to be able to do all I need to
do? if you could, I would appreciate it.
we had interviews with my mission president this week, he is so
awesome! he is all about working hard but not killing ourselves and to
focus on goals for baptism but remember that success in missionary
work is not baptisms but desire to serve.
so quote of the week: we were knocking a neighborhood, we were
talking to a older man at this door about restoration when he randomly
said, "well you two have got to be the prettiest preachers I have ever
seen!" it was so abrupt, we laughed about (aboot) it for a while.
I'm going to try to get better gloves, and earmuffs today.
thank you all for your love and support,
Sister Bentley

January 9, 2012

oh my family,


how I love you and your emails!

Kenny- my companion is from merced (I think that's how you spell it) I told her where you served your mission [San Jose, CA] but she didn't say anything about it. and yes, it is cold. last week it got down to -10 while we were tracting... so I don't wanna hear anything about 65 being cold! just kidding, I'm sure if I was there I would have complained about the tempurater too!


Henry, way to go on inviting people! it's those little steps that bring people closer to the gosple.


As for Tony [an investigator she was teaching], and all the Asian students they dropped us on Saturday (thye asked us not to come back). we still have hope for Tony but we aren't teaching them anymore. and that is just the way this work goes. God gave everyone agency to choose even after they recieve a witness that it's true.


But Heavenly Father is still mercifull to those that want to do His will. He loves us all so much! everything He does is for us, just like it says in Psalms 50 " when I consider the heavens... who is man that thou aren't mindful of him?" He is all knowing, all powerful and yet all loving and mindful of all of His children. (even those that choose not to follow Him)


so, more reandom facts aboot (lol) Canada. Everyone is required to recycle, because of this trash only comes every other week and if you don't recycle right they fine you. also dairy is super expentive, soy is ALOT cheaper then dairy and I'm totally okay with that. Stamps are also expensive, $1.09 per stamp! I use to think that everything is Canada was expensive because their dollar was weaker, but no. I exchanged all my USA money at a bank and they bought it for .90cents to the dollar! I love Canadian money, they have awesome $1 and $2 coins and on their $5 bill they have Hockey, seriously. I also found my new favorite treat, they are called "Mr. Maple" they are maple cookies, I love them more than Oreos, they have changed my life.

   as for my cloths, they are holding up well. I wear 4 layers and I feel fine. but I could use some more thermal underwear (and garments) and layers in general. tell Grandma that the scarf she made is great, it is a good length for wrapping around my neck and face a couple times.


My address here is Truro is,


1210 Prince St #1

Truro, NS B2N1J4



I wouldn't mind having pictures either.


so on Friday Sister Davis and I received a media referal, which means someone in our area had gone on and requested missionaries to bring a Book of Mormon. We were super excited! but as we looked at the address we were requested to go, we relized it was really far away! (but it was still in our area because our area is HUGE) we decided to try. We left on Sunday at 2:30 to head to her house. we took a long mountain-dirt- ice road to get there. we arrived at about 4 and thankfully we found her! her name is Lori she is about 17 and is searching for what Chirst wants her is do. As we talked we learned that she "found God and Jesus" only a month and a half ago! before that she didn't think there was a God. she now she knows He is there and better yet she knows HE WILL answer her prayers. we told her about where the Book of Mormon came from, and what it means for all of us and our relationship with God. Lori is super smart, she understood everything we taught. at the end we asked if she would be baptized on the 29 of Jan and she agreed! Lori says she knows God will give her the answer to weather or not the Book of Mormon is true by then and that that can be the tenitive date. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! it was serouisly the most incredible experice. and it was so symbolic that Heavenly Father had us travel through a mountain pass, in mud and ice for over an hour to find that one soul that was ready. on a mission and through life Heavenly Father will ask us to go through a lot, sometimes even heck and back, but He asks us because He wants give blessings, all He wants is to bless us! but being a just God He will give us something we don't desirve. often I've found He doesn't want to give the bare minimal of blessings so He will ask us to do more than the bare minimal of work. the more He asks us to work the more incredible the blessings!

I know this is true, if you don't know or if you are unsure, pray sincerly and He will let you know He loves you and He has a great plan instore for you!


I love being here. it's super hard, but way awesome! Jesus Christ lives! He is as real as me typing this email! there IS a Father in Heaven that has all power and has prepared the way before me and before you if you are righteous to do great things, not great in the sight of men but great in His Eternal sight!


much love,

Sister Bentley



Ps. there is a member in the branch named Entwisel! I can't remember how we are related to the entwisels! will someone sent me my four generation pedigree chart? no pressure though, I'm the silly one that forgot it!


PPS. we are going boot shopping today. if I find something good I will buy it using the USAA prepaid card. My coat is holding up fine. I shouldn't need a new coat until spring when is starts raining a ton.


Just got this photo from the mission office.

Taken the first day Sister Bentley arrived in Canada with her missioin president and his wife.

First week in Truro

So, I feel like I've been here for eternity but it's only been 6 days! the car ride down from Dartmouth was about an hour and a half, it a van feel of loud and excited elders. it was interesting. when we arrived in Truro it was -2 and snowing hard. that's how the weather was for the first few days. and then it rained like crazy! and then today it's been 11 degrees and sunny! crazy! 

I love love LOVE my companion Sister Davis. she is very hard working, super nice and totally loves The Lord. she is great! I love being with her! she has been here 10 months, she is from California. 

so, being a missionary is hard... well let me re-phrase that. when you depend on yourself for results being a missionary is impossible but when you trust, listen and rely on the Lord it is seriously the easiest work in the world! 

since Truro hasn't been worked in a while we had to start from scratch. lots of knocking, and following up from past teaching records. we were trying so hard to find someone to teach! on Friday we went to do serivce at a retierment home (btw I'm sick of old men hitting on me) and one of the other volinteers, his name is Michael, agreed to letting us come teach to him the next day. 

so we arrived on saturday and to our suprirse Michael had invited four of his firends (Mike, Tony, John, Harvey) over too! all boys about 21, all from China, all are students here, all of them are from Buddist families, none of them knew much about God. it was the craziest lesson ever. Sister Davis and I had no control over it! they were laughing and making comments. one of them call Jesus "so handsom" it is nuts, I had trouble feeling the spirit. we asked them to pray and they all looked at as like we were crazy. We were able to make an appointment to come back the next day. 

So the next day we struggled planning the lesson, then we tried role playing it. it was a seriously powerful role play, I know that may sound funny to you. but really, we recieved so much insight!  and in the middle of the role play I was playing "investigator" and Sister Davis asked "were you able to pray?" and the answer came to me mind "Tony prayed" I told her and she was shocked a little. 

so when we got to the lesson and asked them is they had prayed, guess what!?! Tony and Mike prayed! ISN"T THAT AWESOME? when we asked tony about his experience with prayer, he told us that he prayed just like we had told him to and that in the middle of his prayer he fell asleep. while he slept his Uncle (that died a while ago and who believed in Budda when he was alive) came to Tony in a dream and told Tony it was okay to listen to us.

ISN"T THAT WONDERFUL? Mike didn't think he got an answer but hearing tony's story made he want an answer too! so we taught the plan of Salvation and answered questions. we were there a long time again because everything kept getting out of hand because the other boys weren't taking it seriously. but Mike and Tony listened and totally understood. and then Tony prayed and the end of the lesson! We set up an appoinment today to see just Mike and Tony today. I'm so excited! 

    The Branch here is small but wonderful. they have a goal to be a ward by the end of the year, so they are very willing to help. the branch Pres. annouced over the pulpet on sunday that "our missionaries are too scrawny, brothers and sisters we need to fatten them up." it is so funny. I wieghed myself the other day and I've lost weight, I was pretty surprised. 

I have to go. I love you! 

Sis. bentley

Ps. Elder Tucker and I took and picture together at the MTC and he said he would send it to Lindsey. 
PPS. I don't have my mailing address yet. but my apartment has all the bedding I will need while I'm in Truro.