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30 January 2012

 this week has been crazy. I do not have words or time to explain everything, SO I'm going to pull a 'jessica' and tell you the best thing that happened, one bad thing that happened and the craziest/ funniest thing that happened.
good- the best thing was that one of your investigators came to church and liked it!!!!
bad- on Tuesday after district meeting the office couple told me and sister Davis that everyone from the district was coming to our apartment to put together new desks and drawers for us! it was so nice, but it took all day! sister Davis and I couldn't leave, because there were people/ Elders in our apartment! so we had to cancel our appointments for that day! and some of our appointments we couldn't get a hold of so we pretty much stood them up... it was so frustrating! but it was so nice that they all stayed and helped because it would have taken just me and sister Davis forever!
Crazy- for the past two weeks our car has been making funny noises. so on Friday we called Elder Foley (the Office Elder) to ask what he wanted us to do. after doing some research he informed us that the only place that would be able to fix our car was in Halifax! Elder Foley insisted we bring the car to the office to get a new car on that very day, even though the weather man said it would snow. and so we once again had to through out our plans for the day and drive to Halifax in the snow! we left at 3pm and didn't get back until 7:30 pm. it was quite an adventure. Sister Davis drives in snow very well.

I also just want to say that I love my mission president, President Simpson! something happened this week that gave me a testimony that he is inspired and that The Lord has called me to be here because President Simpson needs to be my mission president. I liked President Simpson before and I thought he was a good and smart man but now after what has happened, I love him and he IS MY MISSION PRESIDENT, and I am grateful to be one of the few missionaries (66) that serve under his direction! in the handbook it says "your loyalty is first to the Lord than your Mission President, then your companion..." I now feel that is how my loyalties are. (remind me in 16 months and maybe i'll tell you what happen.)

I think that's all I have for today, Love you
Sister Bentley

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