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Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

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30 January 2012

 this week has been crazy. I do not have words or time to explain everything, SO I'm going to pull a 'jessica' and tell you the best thing that happened, one bad thing that happened and the craziest/ funniest thing that happened.
good- the best thing was that one of your investigators came to church and liked it!!!!
bad- on Tuesday after district meeting the office couple told me and sister Davis that everyone from the district was coming to our apartment to put together new desks and drawers for us! it was so nice, but it took all day! sister Davis and I couldn't leave, because there were people/ Elders in our apartment! so we had to cancel our appointments for that day! and some of our appointments we couldn't get a hold of so we pretty much stood them up... it was so frustrating! but it was so nice that they all stayed and helped because it would have taken just me and sister Davis forever!
Crazy- for the past two weeks our car has been making funny noises. so on Friday we called Elder Foley (the Office Elder) to ask what he wanted us to do. after doing some research he informed us that the only place that would be able to fix our car was in Halifax! Elder Foley insisted we bring the car to the office to get a new car on that very day, even though the weather man said it would snow. and so we once again had to through out our plans for the day and drive to Halifax in the snow! we left at 3pm and didn't get back until 7:30 pm. it was quite an adventure. Sister Davis drives in snow very well.

I also just want to say that I love my mission president, President Simpson! something happened this week that gave me a testimony that he is inspired and that The Lord has called me to be here because President Simpson needs to be my mission president. I liked President Simpson before and I thought he was a good and smart man but now after what has happened, I love him and he IS MY MISSION PRESIDENT, and I am grateful to be one of the few missionaries (66) that serve under his direction! in the handbook it says "your loyalty is first to the Lord than your Mission President, then your companion..." I now feel that is how my loyalties are. (remind me in 16 months and maybe i'll tell you what happen.)

I think that's all I have for today, Love you
Sister Bentley

Jan 23, 2012

I'm doing fine. this week has been hard, hard, HARD. we had a lot of
investigators drop us (even after reading the Book of Mormon), we had
lot of people yell at us, we had a lot of tracking in -12 weather...
and barley any sleep, and an ear and backache. I'm gonna be honest,
there were moments this week that I considered what it would be like
to go home. then I remembered Jesus Christ, the rejection He faced,
the people that yelled and spat at Him even though THE SON of God was
standing right in front of them! and then I would remember what HE has
done for me... how could I turn me back on someone who loves me enough
to pay for my dumb, thoughtless mistakes?
well... I can't. I love HIM too much to leave HIM and HIS great work behind.
I love FATHER in HEAVEN as well, I know HE is there.
So... this week... has been so fast! I can't believe it's Monday
again! and I CAN"T believe it's the 23rd! holy cow! Mission life is
strange that way. the minutes usually feel like YEARS but the weeks
are like moments! it's crazy.
we started teaching a man named 'Denver' this week, he is from
Jamaica. he is just what you might expect from a Jamaican, dreadlocks,
Bob Marley posters, everything! I love him! when we taught him about
the restoration his eyes get really big and said "I need to know if
this is true!" we are teaching him again tonight, i'm looking forward
to it.
My companion, Sister Davis, is awesome! she is completely
organized in every way, she is a total nerd, and she loves the gospel!
I'm so grateful for her! I don't want another companion, or another
area for that matter.
so crazy story! last week Sister Davis was telling me that her
family loves eggs, spam and rice for breakfast. she talked about how
much she missed it! (the Canadian version of spam is called "Kam" it's
apparently not the same)
and then on Sunday in our "feed the missionaries" basket there was
spam! she we tickled pink! it just goes to show that Heavenly Father
is always listening and that He wants to bless us.
I still think canned meat sounds gross...
so I still can't believe I'm in Canada! it's so strange, every once
in a while I 'realize' that I'm in Canada and I always wonder how on
earth I got here.
so the Truro Branch has a goal of becoming a ward by the end of
2012. and so the Branch Pres. is really trying to get people to start
becoming active members of God's kingdom, he asked sister davis and I
to speak on obedience in sacrament meeting. (before I continue the
story I should tell you that we listen to Gen. Conference talks on CD
that sister davis burns. and this week the theme of the CD was 'Elder
Holland' and so all week we've been listening to him calling everyone,
especially the priesthood to repentance. he is so EPIC, I want to be
like him!) so yesterday i stood up to speak and I quoted from memory
the 121 section of the D&C starting in verse 34 to the end, but
changing the words a little bit to say 'they' instead of 'he' ect. and
then, I don't know what came over me but I said "brothers and sisters
a marvelous work is about it come forth in Truro. if you aren't with
the work you are against it. IT WILL COME FORTH WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.
if you want to go from being 'called' to being 'chosen' then you must
wake up and do something about it, before it is everlastingly too
I think I had been listening to too much elder Holland... I don't
know what good it will do but we'll see. I'm always worried about
being too forward here, but it is too late now...

thank you all for your love and prayers!
Sister Bentley

January 16, 2012

this week has been crazy. first lets talk about the weather. on monday
and tuesday it was a normal -2 or -3, so cold but no big deal. then on
wendseday it snowed a TON and then on thursday it was -25! NO JOKE!
and then on Friday it was +8 outside and rained like crazy... it's
been nuts. today it was -15 (not including the wind chill).
we had most of our appointments fall through this week so guess what
we did? we went knocking in -5, -11, -25, and +8 with a ton of rain.
yes, it's been a... fun... week.
not that I'm complaining, The Lord has still blessed me so much!
sister Davis and I are constantly being guided to people who need our
this week I had my first in-field district meeting. it was
interesting. there are only 5 companionships in the district and 2 of
them are senior couples. so we role played, talked business. I we
asked to stand and bare my testimony. it was nice but I do miss my MTC
district and I'm a little jealous they are all in warm places. but I
know this is where the Lord wants me to be, so I'm holding on and
moving forward.
we got 2 new investigators this week! Doug and Marylin Jordan. they
are an older couple, but they sure don't act old. I love them! we
knocked into them, and Doug told us how he knew there was a God and
that Bible was the word of God but that the Bible wasn't prefect. We
testified of the Book of Mormon as being complete truth, he was very
intrigued and invited us to come back. so we went by their house on
Saturday night. they were both home, but Doug was only in a bathrobe,
SO AWKWARD! after he got decent, we taught them about the restoration
and the Book of Mormon and what it means for them that there is a
prophet on the earth again. Doug cried when we recounted Joseph
Smith's experience of the 1st vision. they both had GREAT questions!
after the lesson we committed them to read the introduction and pray
to which Doug replied "you think I'm ONLY going to read ONE PAGE
before you come back? I plan on having most of it read!" so
incredible, I know he is going to be so blessed! and I'm so blessed to
have been there to witness the spirit work within him.
Heavenly Father is so real! He is so involved in our lives. I really
don't do anything here in Truro but witness miracles.

so my back has been hurting a ton (to the point that I could barely
bend over) it's made even getting out of bed in the morning hard, let
alone everything else missionaries do. so one night I knelt and prayed
my heart out to have the pain go away. the next morning, I got out of
bed without a problem! it was so exciting! my back isn't pain-free but
relying on The Lord has made it better. if it's possible would
everyone mind praying for my back/ body to be able to do all I need to
do? if you could, I would appreciate it.
we had interviews with my mission president this week, he is so
awesome! he is all about working hard but not killing ourselves and to
focus on goals for baptism but remember that success in missionary
work is not baptisms but desire to serve.
so quote of the week: we were knocking a neighborhood, we were
talking to a older man at this door about restoration when he randomly
said, "well you two have got to be the prettiest preachers I have ever
seen!" it was so abrupt, we laughed about (aboot) it for a while.
I'm going to try to get better gloves, and earmuffs today.
thank you all for your love and support,
Sister Bentley

January 9, 2012

oh my family,


how I love you and your emails!

Kenny- my companion is from merced (I think that's how you spell it) I told her where you served your mission [San Jose, CA] but she didn't say anything about it. and yes, it is cold. last week it got down to -10 while we were tracting... so I don't wanna hear anything about 65 being cold! just kidding, I'm sure if I was there I would have complained about the tempurater too!


Henry, way to go on inviting people! it's those little steps that bring people closer to the gosple.


As for Tony [an investigator she was teaching], and all the Asian students they dropped us on Saturday (thye asked us not to come back). we still have hope for Tony but we aren't teaching them anymore. and that is just the way this work goes. God gave everyone agency to choose even after they recieve a witness that it's true.


But Heavenly Father is still mercifull to those that want to do His will. He loves us all so much! everything He does is for us, just like it says in Psalms 50 " when I consider the heavens... who is man that thou aren't mindful of him?" He is all knowing, all powerful and yet all loving and mindful of all of His children. (even those that choose not to follow Him)


so, more reandom facts aboot (lol) Canada. Everyone is required to recycle, because of this trash only comes every other week and if you don't recycle right they fine you. also dairy is super expentive, soy is ALOT cheaper then dairy and I'm totally okay with that. Stamps are also expensive, $1.09 per stamp! I use to think that everything is Canada was expensive because their dollar was weaker, but no. I exchanged all my USA money at a bank and they bought it for .90cents to the dollar! I love Canadian money, they have awesome $1 and $2 coins and on their $5 bill they have Hockey, seriously. I also found my new favorite treat, they are called "Mr. Maple" they are maple cookies, I love them more than Oreos, they have changed my life.

   as for my cloths, they are holding up well. I wear 4 layers and I feel fine. but I could use some more thermal underwear (and garments) and layers in general. tell Grandma that the scarf she made is great, it is a good length for wrapping around my neck and face a couple times.


My address here is Truro is,


1210 Prince St #1

Truro, NS B2N1J4



I wouldn't mind having pictures either.


so on Friday Sister Davis and I received a media referal, which means someone in our area had gone on and requested missionaries to bring a Book of Mormon. We were super excited! but as we looked at the address we were requested to go, we relized it was really far away! (but it was still in our area because our area is HUGE) we decided to try. We left on Sunday at 2:30 to head to her house. we took a long mountain-dirt- ice road to get there. we arrived at about 4 and thankfully we found her! her name is Lori she is about 17 and is searching for what Chirst wants her is do. As we talked we learned that she "found God and Jesus" only a month and a half ago! before that she didn't think there was a God. she now she knows He is there and better yet she knows HE WILL answer her prayers. we told her about where the Book of Mormon came from, and what it means for all of us and our relationship with God. Lori is super smart, she understood everything we taught. at the end we asked if she would be baptized on the 29 of Jan and she agreed! Lori says she knows God will give her the answer to weather or not the Book of Mormon is true by then and that that can be the tenitive date. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! it was serouisly the most incredible experice. and it was so symbolic that Heavenly Father had us travel through a mountain pass, in mud and ice for over an hour to find that one soul that was ready. on a mission and through life Heavenly Father will ask us to go through a lot, sometimes even heck and back, but He asks us because He wants give blessings, all He wants is to bless us! but being a just God He will give us something we don't desirve. often I've found He doesn't want to give the bare minimal of blessings so He will ask us to do more than the bare minimal of work. the more He asks us to work the more incredible the blessings!

I know this is true, if you don't know or if you are unsure, pray sincerly and He will let you know He loves you and He has a great plan instore for you!


I love being here. it's super hard, but way awesome! Jesus Christ lives! He is as real as me typing this email! there IS a Father in Heaven that has all power and has prepared the way before me and before you if you are righteous to do great things, not great in the sight of men but great in His Eternal sight!


much love,

Sister Bentley



Ps. there is a member in the branch named Entwisel! I can't remember how we are related to the entwisels! will someone sent me my four generation pedigree chart? no pressure though, I'm the silly one that forgot it!


PPS. we are going boot shopping today. if I find something good I will buy it using the USAA prepaid card. My coat is holding up fine. I shouldn't need a new coat until spring when is starts raining a ton.


Just got this photo from the mission office.

Taken the first day Sister Bentley arrived in Canada with her missioin president and his wife.

First week in Truro

So, I feel like I've been here for eternity but it's only been 6 days! the car ride down from Dartmouth was about an hour and a half, it a van feel of loud and excited elders. it was interesting. when we arrived in Truro it was -2 and snowing hard. that's how the weather was for the first few days. and then it rained like crazy! and then today it's been 11 degrees and sunny! crazy! 

I love love LOVE my companion Sister Davis. she is very hard working, super nice and totally loves The Lord. she is great! I love being with her! she has been here 10 months, she is from California. 

so, being a missionary is hard... well let me re-phrase that. when you depend on yourself for results being a missionary is impossible but when you trust, listen and rely on the Lord it is seriously the easiest work in the world! 

since Truro hasn't been worked in a while we had to start from scratch. lots of knocking, and following up from past teaching records. we were trying so hard to find someone to teach! on Friday we went to do serivce at a retierment home (btw I'm sick of old men hitting on me) and one of the other volinteers, his name is Michael, agreed to letting us come teach to him the next day. 

so we arrived on saturday and to our suprirse Michael had invited four of his firends (Mike, Tony, John, Harvey) over too! all boys about 21, all from China, all are students here, all of them are from Buddist families, none of them knew much about God. it was the craziest lesson ever. Sister Davis and I had no control over it! they were laughing and making comments. one of them call Jesus "so handsom" it is nuts, I had trouble feeling the spirit. we asked them to pray and they all looked at as like we were crazy. We were able to make an appointment to come back the next day. 

So the next day we struggled planning the lesson, then we tried role playing it. it was a seriously powerful role play, I know that may sound funny to you. but really, we recieved so much insight!  and in the middle of the role play I was playing "investigator" and Sister Davis asked "were you able to pray?" and the answer came to me mind "Tony prayed" I told her and she was shocked a little. 

so when we got to the lesson and asked them is they had prayed, guess what!?! Tony and Mike prayed! ISN"T THAT AWESOME? when we asked tony about his experience with prayer, he told us that he prayed just like we had told him to and that in the middle of his prayer he fell asleep. while he slept his Uncle (that died a while ago and who believed in Budda when he was alive) came to Tony in a dream and told Tony it was okay to listen to us.

ISN"T THAT WONDERFUL? Mike didn't think he got an answer but hearing tony's story made he want an answer too! so we taught the plan of Salvation and answered questions. we were there a long time again because everything kept getting out of hand because the other boys weren't taking it seriously. but Mike and Tony listened and totally understood. and then Tony prayed and the end of the lesson! We set up an appoinment today to see just Mike and Tony today. I'm so excited! 

    The Branch here is small but wonderful. they have a goal to be a ward by the end of the year, so they are very willing to help. the branch Pres. annouced over the pulpet on sunday that "our missionaries are too scrawny, brothers and sisters we need to fatten them up." it is so funny. I wieghed myself the other day and I've lost weight, I was pretty surprised. 

I have to go. I love you! 

Sis. bentley

Ps. Elder Tucker and I took and picture together at the MTC and he said he would send it to Lindsey. 
PPS. I don't have my mailing address yet. but my apartment has all the bedding I will need while I'm in Truro.