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January 16, 2012

this week has been crazy. first lets talk about the weather. on monday
and tuesday it was a normal -2 or -3, so cold but no big deal. then on
wendseday it snowed a TON and then on thursday it was -25! NO JOKE!
and then on Friday it was +8 outside and rained like crazy... it's
been nuts. today it was -15 (not including the wind chill).
we had most of our appointments fall through this week so guess what
we did? we went knocking in -5, -11, -25, and +8 with a ton of rain.
yes, it's been a... fun... week.
not that I'm complaining, The Lord has still blessed me so much!
sister Davis and I are constantly being guided to people who need our
this week I had my first in-field district meeting. it was
interesting. there are only 5 companionships in the district and 2 of
them are senior couples. so we role played, talked business. I we
asked to stand and bare my testimony. it was nice but I do miss my MTC
district and I'm a little jealous they are all in warm places. but I
know this is where the Lord wants me to be, so I'm holding on and
moving forward.
we got 2 new investigators this week! Doug and Marylin Jordan. they
are an older couple, but they sure don't act old. I love them! we
knocked into them, and Doug told us how he knew there was a God and
that Bible was the word of God but that the Bible wasn't prefect. We
testified of the Book of Mormon as being complete truth, he was very
intrigued and invited us to come back. so we went by their house on
Saturday night. they were both home, but Doug was only in a bathrobe,
SO AWKWARD! after he got decent, we taught them about the restoration
and the Book of Mormon and what it means for them that there is a
prophet on the earth again. Doug cried when we recounted Joseph
Smith's experience of the 1st vision. they both had GREAT questions!
after the lesson we committed them to read the introduction and pray
to which Doug replied "you think I'm ONLY going to read ONE PAGE
before you come back? I plan on having most of it read!" so
incredible, I know he is going to be so blessed! and I'm so blessed to
have been there to witness the spirit work within him.
Heavenly Father is so real! He is so involved in our lives. I really
don't do anything here in Truro but witness miracles.

so my back has been hurting a ton (to the point that I could barely
bend over) it's made even getting out of bed in the morning hard, let
alone everything else missionaries do. so one night I knelt and prayed
my heart out to have the pain go away. the next morning, I got out of
bed without a problem! it was so exciting! my back isn't pain-free but
relying on The Lord has made it better. if it's possible would
everyone mind praying for my back/ body to be able to do all I need to
do? if you could, I would appreciate it.
we had interviews with my mission president this week, he is so
awesome! he is all about working hard but not killing ourselves and to
focus on goals for baptism but remember that success in missionary
work is not baptisms but desire to serve.
so quote of the week: we were knocking a neighborhood, we were
talking to a older man at this door about restoration when he randomly
said, "well you two have got to be the prettiest preachers I have ever
seen!" it was so abrupt, we laughed about (aboot) it for a while.
I'm going to try to get better gloves, and earmuffs today.
thank you all for your love and support,
Sister Bentley

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