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Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

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First week in Truro

So, I feel like I've been here for eternity but it's only been 6 days! the car ride down from Dartmouth was about an hour and a half, it a van feel of loud and excited elders. it was interesting. when we arrived in Truro it was -2 and snowing hard. that's how the weather was for the first few days. and then it rained like crazy! and then today it's been 11 degrees and sunny! crazy! 

I love love LOVE my companion Sister Davis. she is very hard working, super nice and totally loves The Lord. she is great! I love being with her! she has been here 10 months, she is from California. 

so, being a missionary is hard... well let me re-phrase that. when you depend on yourself for results being a missionary is impossible but when you trust, listen and rely on the Lord it is seriously the easiest work in the world! 

since Truro hasn't been worked in a while we had to start from scratch. lots of knocking, and following up from past teaching records. we were trying so hard to find someone to teach! on Friday we went to do serivce at a retierment home (btw I'm sick of old men hitting on me) and one of the other volinteers, his name is Michael, agreed to letting us come teach to him the next day. 

so we arrived on saturday and to our suprirse Michael had invited four of his firends (Mike, Tony, John, Harvey) over too! all boys about 21, all from China, all are students here, all of them are from Buddist families, none of them knew much about God. it was the craziest lesson ever. Sister Davis and I had no control over it! they were laughing and making comments. one of them call Jesus "so handsom" it is nuts, I had trouble feeling the spirit. we asked them to pray and they all looked at as like we were crazy. We were able to make an appointment to come back the next day. 

So the next day we struggled planning the lesson, then we tried role playing it. it was a seriously powerful role play, I know that may sound funny to you. but really, we recieved so much insight!  and in the middle of the role play I was playing "investigator" and Sister Davis asked "were you able to pray?" and the answer came to me mind "Tony prayed" I told her and she was shocked a little. 

so when we got to the lesson and asked them is they had prayed, guess what!?! Tony and Mike prayed! ISN"T THAT AWESOME? when we asked tony about his experience with prayer, he told us that he prayed just like we had told him to and that in the middle of his prayer he fell asleep. while he slept his Uncle (that died a while ago and who believed in Budda when he was alive) came to Tony in a dream and told Tony it was okay to listen to us.

ISN"T THAT WONDERFUL? Mike didn't think he got an answer but hearing tony's story made he want an answer too! so we taught the plan of Salvation and answered questions. we were there a long time again because everything kept getting out of hand because the other boys weren't taking it seriously. but Mike and Tony listened and totally understood. and then Tony prayed and the end of the lesson! We set up an appoinment today to see just Mike and Tony today. I'm so excited! 

    The Branch here is small but wonderful. they have a goal to be a ward by the end of the year, so they are very willing to help. the branch Pres. annouced over the pulpet on sunday that "our missionaries are too scrawny, brothers and sisters we need to fatten them up." it is so funny. I wieghed myself the other day and I've lost weight, I was pretty surprised. 

I have to go. I love you! 

Sis. bentley

Ps. Elder Tucker and I took and picture together at the MTC and he said he would send it to Lindsey. 
PPS. I don't have my mailing address yet. but my apartment has all the bedding I will need while I'm in Truro. 

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