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26 Mar 2012 - "Tales of the Gypsy Missionaries"

this is the first day of my 3rd Transfer. meaning I am an 'officially trained missionary', I don't feel like it! it still feels like my first day! the new sister doesn't come for 6 more weeks, so I have 6 more weeks of 3 companions, 2 phones, 2 apartments, and a hour and a half drive in between. this is part of what I wrote to my mission President today, it's a small taste of the amazing things that have been happening while we have been in this fiery-furnace;

oh boy what a crazy week it's been! we have literally been going from lesson to lesson, barely having time to 'find' and yet we have found new investigators in both our areas this week! Heavenly Father really is just so merciful.
things really have been going well, I'm not even as tired as I should be. in fact whenever I feel 'too tired to go on' I always just 'go one more step' and then a miracle happens which renews my energy and I'm excited to keep going.
Jessica Conrad in Truro, is so excited to get baptized on Saturday! in fact, she has been getting everything together! after we explained what needed to happen, she took the initiative to ask everyone (baptism, witnesses, ect.). because she is so excited to be baptized the Truro Branch is starting to get excited. the members are actually willing helping to get everything together! It's such a miracle on so many levels!
Marcy in Halifax is also super excited about being baptized on the 14th of April. she loves church, and loves living and learning about the gospel. Heavenly Father has just been preparing her so such! and she has even said again and again 'God has been preparing me my whole life to become a Mormon.' It's just amazing that she recolonizes it Heavenly Father's hand in her life so well.
our new investigator in Truro is an older man named Dave. Sister Davis and I knocked into him about 7 weeks ago, we had set up several appointments but things just kept coming up (for him and for us). and then on Tuesday we decided we were going to just stop by and see if he is still interested. he was home! and he told us that five minutes before we came he though to himself 'gee, this would be a great day for those girls to stop by.' amazing right? we came in and taught the Plan of Salvation, which he was just soaking in like a sponge! and when Sister Davis pulled out a book of Mormon for him to see he said 'I've had one of those in the glove compartment of last three cars! I've never read it but there was something about it that I could never throw it away. I liked having it around." amazing right? SO prepared!

We have just been going going going going going (we taught 22 lessons this week, which is a TON for Canada Halifax)! we travelled back and forth three times last week! I did a lot of reading (because we aren't a loud to sleep in the car)! it's hard, and I'm tired. but somehow I still am able to wake up at 6:30 every morning!

there are so many more examples of miracles! just in the past week! I'm really just in AWE of Heavenly Father's love and caring hand in my life and in the lives of everyone in Truro and Halifax south. just from the past three weeks I've seen miracle after miracle after miracle! God is a God of miracles! and no being in earth or hell could convince me otherwise!

I got to go to the temple this week too! it really is the Lord's House, The Holy Ghost is just so strong there! I learned so much!

Gospel is True!!!! i love it!

Sister Elicia Bentley

19 Mar 2012

I have been so blessed this week! Jessica, the girl I talked
about last week that just showed up for church Sunday, is so prepared!
she is loving the Book of Mormon, she finished 1 Nephi and the first
few chapters of 2 Nephi and she has only had The Book of Mormon for a
week! and she prays after every chapter she has read. she told as that
she just can't put it down and that she knows it's true. honestly, I
was a little worried about if she really understood the commitment of
baptism but then last night when we taught her about baptism and
confirmation she just kept saying 'yes, I want that. this is what I've
been looking for in my life.' and she has been studying
and I guess she read about the dress and grooming standers of the
church because she took her nose ring out and unlike that first time
we met her. she is just such a miracle The Lord has prepared her! she
wants to be baptized as soon as possible!
last night when we were teaching her I got the impression to ask
her about and the things she has been learning on it. when
she told me that she chats with missionaries on-line all the time I
asked her if one of the mission's names was Elder Tucker. she said
yes! Lyndsay's brother is teaching her too! small world huh?
there have just been so many miracles! miracles are what happen
when you have faith. I know this is true. and I know Heavenly father's
plan is prefect.
one of our investigators in Halifax was going to be baptized this
week. but the night before she said that she doesn't believe Thomas
Monson to be a prophet. it was heart wrenching! we are still teaching
her and prayer for her. but it's just so sad! I wish like Alma that I
could be an Angel and shake the earth with my testimony and proclaim
throughtout the world that Jesus is The Christ and that Joseph Smith
was His prophet and the the Book of Mormon IS TRUE. but I cannot, I'm
such doing the best I can just being a missionary.
I hope you can follow my train of thought in this letter, I'm kind
of exhausted and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.
also, how is Jasmine Beckwith and Rachel Taylor? and are there
pictures from Maddy's wedding I could see?
okay so I'm going to be sending a package home soon with maple
cookies in it. lately I've been coming up with some interesting baking
ideas. one that I really want to try is a blue berry pie with Maple
cookie pie crust (making it the same way you make gram cracker crust).
when you get the package will you trying to make it and see how it

Sister Bentley

12 Mar 2012

this has been the longest week ever. my companionship currently has
a baptism to plan for this weekend, 4 other people set to be baptized
soon, we have 22 investigators, and 15 recent converts to take care
of... needless to say we are BUSY! every night we plan as a
companionship, normally daily planning ends at 9:30 but the earliest
we've finished has been 10:15 (and we have to be in bed by 10:30). we
are constantly on the phone or making lesson plans or driving or doing
dozens of other things. I'm a little stressed...
it's been funny how clearly this is The Lord's work because 'the
numbers' for both areas have been amazing! and it hasn't been because
of us because we have only spent half a week in a area. but that
doesn't stop this work from going forward!
for example we were in Truro's sacrament meeting yesterday when
this non-member walks in, and tells us that she has been researching
'the mormons' and she has been looking for more in her life and that
this was probably it!!! yeah, that REALLY did happen yesterday!
Heavenly Father is amazing! I am so inadequate, so weak and yet with
HIM all things are possible, including building up two areas at once.
I wish I could write more but I've had a very stressful preparation
day and it is soon coming to a close...

Book of Mormon and see for yourself

I love you all and pray for you!

Sister Bentley

05 Mar 2012

That's right Emergency Transfers this week!

one of the Sisters in Halifax has been sick for 5 weeks and so
Saturday they sent her home. on Friday Sister Davis and I were weekly
planning in our apartment when we get a call from President Simpson.
He informs us that Sister Russo would be going home and that we would
be in a trio with Sister Huppe (Sister Russo's Companion)! but then
President added. "that leaves us in a tough spot though sisters
because there are lots of great people that are being taught in
Halifax. so I need the three of you to work both areas."
yup, you read that right... so I am now working in Truro and
Halifax South. My two areas are over an hour apart (and we past 3
other mission areas on our way) and they are as different as night and
day! Truro is a small town and Halifax in the capital of Nova Scotia!
we've almost knocked on every door in Truro and in Halifax they don't
even knock on doors because of all the people you meet on the street!
President said that this arrangement needs to last 9 weeks and
that it is our responsibility to keep both areas thriving and strong
for when the new Sister comes (in 9 weeks). So that means that the
next 9 weeks will consist of 3 companions, 2 areas, 2 Apartments, 2
cell phones, 1 car, 1 YSA Branch, 1 Family Branch, over 20
investigators, no travel restrictions, and we currently have 4
baptisms to plan for. ...Crazy right?...
I'm going to be so busy! literally every thought, every action
must for the people here because we have so many to care for! I'm
nervous and excited. this is going to be a crazy awesome adventure!
one of the great things about it is that it will totally depend
on the members' diligence to keep the work going. because we aren't
going to have much time to do anything but teach, our 'finding time'
is going to be very limited. In the YSA Branch I'm not too worried,
they have so many great kids that are talking to their friends about
the gosple and want to help with the work! in Truro I'm a little more
nervous, but no unhallowed hand can stop The Lord's work! I have
complete faith that this is The Lord's will and that I've just began
nine weeks of miracles!
So I'll be spending half the week in Truro and half in Halifax,
carrying all my food with me and living out of a suitcase. Right now
i'm in Truro and on Wednesday night after teaching a lesson we are
driving to Halifax to stay until saturday night.
frankly, I'm honored that we were given this assignment there
are so many other areas that are closer to Halifax and yet The Lord
chose me, Sister Davis and sister Huppe to care for them both! I hope
I am dilligent enough to let The Lord bless the areas!

Love Sister Bentley

27 Feb 2012

first of all, where on earth did February go? secondly, I'm so glad
you saw Mrs. Pressley! I've been thinking about them! I remembered
Anna on her birthday, I wanted to send her a card so badly but I don't
have their address. I think they live on HWY 81? anyways, if the
Pressley family is reading this, I love you!!! and Anna, HAPPY 21
BIRTHDAY! (13 days late...)

as for me well, I've been so richly blessed the pass week! It's such a
blessing to get to see the change the gospel makes in people's lives!
I just love the Lord so much for allowing me to be here and for
trusting me with this sacred assignment to further His work.

Sister Davis and I have been working hard this week and staying busy.
we've been teaching lots (investigators, members, recent converts and
less active) the Spirit has just been so evident in our work this
week! I just love that Sister Davis and I do so little but as long as
we trust in The Lord than The Spirit is what changes hearts and minds
and gives people the opportunity to find true happiness in their

so physically I'm SOOOO tired... but spiritually I just want to keep
going all day. example, on Saturday morning I woke up at the normal
time of 6:30, but wasn't feeling to great. nonetheless I prepared for
the day. during companion study I really wasn't feeling good, I kinda
had a breakdown... my dear sweet Trainer told me to go back to bed. I
reluctantly obeyed. I fell asleep around 10:30 am and I didn't wake up
until 6pm... that is how tired I was! needless the say I feel much
better. but what better way run yourself exhausted than in the service
of The Lord.

Lorizana Family, thank you for the letter! I LOVE all of the
homemade cards! they totally brightened my day! my companion was a
little jealous that I got so many sweet/ crafty notes! you all are so
wonderful! thank you again!

today for personal study I was reading Alma 52-55. and I really struck
me how Heavenly Father uses all of our 'little trials' for our good
and that as we continually choose to grow from our hardships in life
we will someday be a useful (and sometimes required) tool in
furthering His Work. just like Laman, he had to go through a lot of
trials which eventually lead him to be the means that so many of the
Nephites (people who use to be Laman's emeny) were able to be rescued
without the shedding any blood! amazing! see what happens when we let
The Lord be our guide?

Sister Bentley