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19 Mar 2012

I have been so blessed this week! Jessica, the girl I talked
about last week that just showed up for church Sunday, is so prepared!
she is loving the Book of Mormon, she finished 1 Nephi and the first
few chapters of 2 Nephi and she has only had The Book of Mormon for a
week! and she prays after every chapter she has read. she told as that
she just can't put it down and that she knows it's true. honestly, I
was a little worried about if she really understood the commitment of
baptism but then last night when we taught her about baptism and
confirmation she just kept saying 'yes, I want that. this is what I've
been looking for in my life.' and she has been studying
and I guess she read about the dress and grooming standers of the
church because she took her nose ring out and unlike that first time
we met her. she is just such a miracle The Lord has prepared her! she
wants to be baptized as soon as possible!
last night when we were teaching her I got the impression to ask
her about and the things she has been learning on it. when
she told me that she chats with missionaries on-line all the time I
asked her if one of the mission's names was Elder Tucker. she said
yes! Lyndsay's brother is teaching her too! small world huh?
there have just been so many miracles! miracles are what happen
when you have faith. I know this is true. and I know Heavenly father's
plan is prefect.
one of our investigators in Halifax was going to be baptized this
week. but the night before she said that she doesn't believe Thomas
Monson to be a prophet. it was heart wrenching! we are still teaching
her and prayer for her. but it's just so sad! I wish like Alma that I
could be an Angel and shake the earth with my testimony and proclaim
throughtout the world that Jesus is The Christ and that Joseph Smith
was His prophet and the the Book of Mormon IS TRUE. but I cannot, I'm
such doing the best I can just being a missionary.
I hope you can follow my train of thought in this letter, I'm kind
of exhausted and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.
also, how is Jasmine Beckwith and Rachel Taylor? and are there
pictures from Maddy's wedding I could see?
okay so I'm going to be sending a package home soon with maple
cookies in it. lately I've been coming up with some interesting baking
ideas. one that I really want to try is a blue berry pie with Maple
cookie pie crust (making it the same way you make gram cracker crust).
when you get the package will you trying to make it and see how it

Sister Bentley

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