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27 Feb 2012

first of all, where on earth did February go? secondly, I'm so glad
you saw Mrs. Pressley! I've been thinking about them! I remembered
Anna on her birthday, I wanted to send her a card so badly but I don't
have their address. I think they live on HWY 81? anyways, if the
Pressley family is reading this, I love you!!! and Anna, HAPPY 21
BIRTHDAY! (13 days late...)

as for me well, I've been so richly blessed the pass week! It's such a
blessing to get to see the change the gospel makes in people's lives!
I just love the Lord so much for allowing me to be here and for
trusting me with this sacred assignment to further His work.

Sister Davis and I have been working hard this week and staying busy.
we've been teaching lots (investigators, members, recent converts and
less active) the Spirit has just been so evident in our work this
week! I just love that Sister Davis and I do so little but as long as
we trust in The Lord than The Spirit is what changes hearts and minds
and gives people the opportunity to find true happiness in their

so physically I'm SOOOO tired... but spiritually I just want to keep
going all day. example, on Saturday morning I woke up at the normal
time of 6:30, but wasn't feeling to great. nonetheless I prepared for
the day. during companion study I really wasn't feeling good, I kinda
had a breakdown... my dear sweet Trainer told me to go back to bed. I
reluctantly obeyed. I fell asleep around 10:30 am and I didn't wake up
until 6pm... that is how tired I was! needless the say I feel much
better. but what better way run yourself exhausted than in the service
of The Lord.

Lorizana Family, thank you for the letter! I LOVE all of the
homemade cards! they totally brightened my day! my companion was a
little jealous that I got so many sweet/ crafty notes! you all are so
wonderful! thank you again!

today for personal study I was reading Alma 52-55. and I really struck
me how Heavenly Father uses all of our 'little trials' for our good
and that as we continually choose to grow from our hardships in life
we will someday be a useful (and sometimes required) tool in
furthering His Work. just like Laman, he had to go through a lot of
trials which eventually lead him to be the means that so many of the
Nephites (people who use to be Laman's emeny) were able to be rescued
without the shedding any blood! amazing! see what happens when we let
The Lord be our guide?

Sister Bentley

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