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05 Mar 2012

That's right Emergency Transfers this week!

one of the Sisters in Halifax has been sick for 5 weeks and so
Saturday they sent her home. on Friday Sister Davis and I were weekly
planning in our apartment when we get a call from President Simpson.
He informs us that Sister Russo would be going home and that we would
be in a trio with Sister Huppe (Sister Russo's Companion)! but then
President added. "that leaves us in a tough spot though sisters
because there are lots of great people that are being taught in
Halifax. so I need the three of you to work both areas."
yup, you read that right... so I am now working in Truro and
Halifax South. My two areas are over an hour apart (and we past 3
other mission areas on our way) and they are as different as night and
day! Truro is a small town and Halifax in the capital of Nova Scotia!
we've almost knocked on every door in Truro and in Halifax they don't
even knock on doors because of all the people you meet on the street!
President said that this arrangement needs to last 9 weeks and
that it is our responsibility to keep both areas thriving and strong
for when the new Sister comes (in 9 weeks). So that means that the
next 9 weeks will consist of 3 companions, 2 areas, 2 Apartments, 2
cell phones, 1 car, 1 YSA Branch, 1 Family Branch, over 20
investigators, no travel restrictions, and we currently have 4
baptisms to plan for. ...Crazy right?...
I'm going to be so busy! literally every thought, every action
must for the people here because we have so many to care for! I'm
nervous and excited. this is going to be a crazy awesome adventure!
one of the great things about it is that it will totally depend
on the members' diligence to keep the work going. because we aren't
going to have much time to do anything but teach, our 'finding time'
is going to be very limited. In the YSA Branch I'm not too worried,
they have so many great kids that are talking to their friends about
the gosple and want to help with the work! in Truro I'm a little more
nervous, but no unhallowed hand can stop The Lord's work! I have
complete faith that this is The Lord's will and that I've just began
nine weeks of miracles!
So I'll be spending half the week in Truro and half in Halifax,
carrying all my food with me and living out of a suitcase. Right now
i'm in Truro and on Wednesday night after teaching a lesson we are
driving to Halifax to stay until saturday night.
frankly, I'm honored that we were given this assignment there
are so many other areas that are closer to Halifax and yet The Lord
chose me, Sister Davis and sister Huppe to care for them both! I hope
I am dilligent enough to let The Lord bless the areas!

Love Sister Bentley

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