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12 Mar 2012

this has been the longest week ever. my companionship currently has
a baptism to plan for this weekend, 4 other people set to be baptized
soon, we have 22 investigators, and 15 recent converts to take care
of... needless to say we are BUSY! every night we plan as a
companionship, normally daily planning ends at 9:30 but the earliest
we've finished has been 10:15 (and we have to be in bed by 10:30). we
are constantly on the phone or making lesson plans or driving or doing
dozens of other things. I'm a little stressed...
it's been funny how clearly this is The Lord's work because 'the
numbers' for both areas have been amazing! and it hasn't been because
of us because we have only spent half a week in a area. but that
doesn't stop this work from going forward!
for example we were in Truro's sacrament meeting yesterday when
this non-member walks in, and tells us that she has been researching
'the mormons' and she has been looking for more in her life and that
this was probably it!!! yeah, that REALLY did happen yesterday!
Heavenly Father is amazing! I am so inadequate, so weak and yet with
HIM all things are possible, including building up two areas at once.
I wish I could write more but I've had a very stressful preparation
day and it is soon coming to a close...

Book of Mormon and see for yourself

I love you all and pray for you!

Sister Bentley

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