Current mailing addresses

Elicia's current mailing addresses are:

Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

(When we get a mailing address for St. John's, we'll post it)

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22 May 2012 - "Happy Victoria day!!!‏"

 so yesterday was victoria day... so EVERYTHING was closed, SO we couldn't e-mail. sorry about that! but no worries, I'm alive and well!

   yesterday was still preparation day (but we couldn't shop or anything) so the St. John's elders, and some YSA from the branch played soccer for a while. and then we played American football, which me, and Elder Harty had to teach them how to play!?! they kept confusing the rules with ruby, it was so funny. and then we all went on a two hour hick around St. John's bay (where we saw a huge iceberg!). we were all so tired, but it was amazing!!! oh my gosh it's so beautiful here. can you believe I live in Newfoundland right now? I still can't believe it! last night we went to visit a less active and it turned out she had family there but she invited us in. we had a ReALLY cool conversation with them about all the places they have been. one place we talked about was Yellowknife! It made me think of Kenny, remember when he and Tanner wanted to go there? it sounds like a pretty crazy place. and then some how our conversation turned to God. they started asking us question about why bad things are happening in the world and why some people have "easy lives". i taught a little bit of the Plan of Salvation and bore testimony that through the atonement of Jesus Christ ALL will be made right, it was really spiritual! one of them started crying. it was an interesting day. \
   today, we woke we got to go to district meeting in Bay Roberts! OH MY GOODNESS it was the most beautiful drive! and bay Roberts is SOOOOOOO beautiful! seriously! Google it and see for yourself. on the way the district meeting i saw a wild moose!!! no joke! my first Canadian moose sighting! it was just walking along the road... it was SO cool!!! I've seen a moose, an iceberg and now i just need to see a puffin and my life is complete, haha!  


it occured to me this week that Sunday is my these favorite day of the week because it's SO stressful, there is SO much to do!!! I'm grateful to be able to have the sacrament but church is so hard to enjoy when you are worrying about investigators and less actives enjoying their time there and meeting with the branch president, etc. Sister simpson, (mission president's wife) said to us last sunday "you know missionaries need to observe sanday as a day of rest, you all work too hard on Sunday!" if only we could! but the work of the Lord is far more important than rest, THAT"S for sure.
      so Mount Pearl has been struggling the pass few months, the area hasn't hit the standard of excellence in a long time (if you don't know what that is talk to Kenny or Jayson or look it up in Preach my Gospel). so all week I begged and pleaded that we could this week! and guess what? we did! it was amazing. Heavenly Father is so mindful, and He has SO much in store for Newfoundland!!!! I feel it EVERYDAY when i wake up in the morning! I so grateful to be don't this work! I Love LOVE LOVE it here. mom, don't worry i'm not the least pit home sick. there is no where else i would rather be than right here. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. it's funny how The Lord really makes it so easy to love this work once you give your heart and mind to it. HE is THE BEST! I know Jesus Christ lives. I'm so honored to be His representative HERE in Newfoundland! I am so blessed! I'm so grateful for the opportunities for growth that I know lay ahead. I know my mission is prefect for me. i need to be here. the Book of Mormon is true!

                               Sister Bentley      

14 May 2012

first of all, it's preparation day and in the hand book it says that you are to write your family every Preparation day.

the St. John's branch is nice, I'm very excited to be working here. it was interesting/ cool because yesterday while I was watching President Simpson speak to and interact with the members of the branch I realized that Newfoundland must be his favorite place (because I had never seen him be so warm in the other branches I've served in). this caused me to realize that President would only send missionaries he trusted to Newfoundland, to serve in a place he loves so much. THEN I thought of how much the Lord loves this place, and that HE chose me to serve here! I am so honored to be serving in Newfoundland! I've fallen more and more in love with the place every minute.
    saying goodbye to the Simpsons yesterday was so hard! I cried! (actally I've about five time throughout this week over the fact that the Simpsons are leaving) but I got a big hug from President! it was bored line awkward  but it was the best! there have been so many times I've wanted to hug him! I'm so grateful to have been able to serve with him! I could go on and on... but now I understand what Kenny talks to positively about President McKonckie or Jayson about President Joyce! it truly is a special relationship between Mission President and Missionary.
     I was so happy I got to see Eveyln (I still can't spell her name) yesterday! yeah for Skype!

    love you! thanks for writing!

Sister Bentley  

this is picture Sister Simpson took of me and sister Davis (and our roses) yesterday during church

12 May 2012 - "arrived in NL... finally‏"

I've finally arrived in Newfoundland. so tomorrow... I know I told you 2 pm but there had been a change of plans and I won't be avalible until 5:30 pm NL time (which is half an hour ahead of Nova scotia time) and we will be able to skpe if you all are up for that. so whoever checks their e-mail today (saturday) make sure to let everyone else know. thanks!
              sister bentley 

07 May 2012 - "hello from... New Brunswick???"

hello everyone,
yes you did read the subject correctly... let me tell you about my last couple of days...
on wedsday we dropped Sister Huppe off at the mission home to pick up her new companion (Sister Hart) and they drove back to Truro. then on Thursday and half of Friday Sister Davis and I worked in Halifax, it was so fun having it be just the two of us! and crazy miricals continued to happen in Halifax! (hopefully I'll be able to explain later, but I have A LOT to talk about today) then Firday night Sister Spragg (sister Davis' new companion) and Sister Ott (who was picking up her new Companion from Newfoundland) came in and spent the night. Saturday morning my flight was at 11am and Sister Olsen (the sister being transfered out of Newfoundland was arriving at 2pm. so we get to the airport, go to check in and the computer won't let me check in. we come to find out that my flight was cancelled due to fog... FOG?!? so I asked the gate agent what I need to do now and she told me to go home because all the flights were cancelled/ backed up until tuesday.
     the four of us (Me, Sister Davis, Sister Spragg, Sister Ott) didn't know what to do so we called the office couple, and they said they would call the assistance/ Sister Simpson to see what to do. so the four of us started driving back to the Halifax aptartment when we recieved a phone call from the Assistance saying "sister Bentley get in the car with Sister Ott, you're going to Fredricton South." ...I was so shocked... I asked how long I would be staying there for their reply was they I could be there for a few days, a week, or maybe a whole transfer, they didn't know.
      so sister Ott and I loaded up the Fredricton car and drove 5 hours in the opposit direction of Newfoundland...
                           ....this is a true story... I still can't believe it. 
so just found...
I'm driving back to Halifax on Friday and I have a flight booked in Newfoundland on Saturday.
SO... this means that on Sunday (mother's day) I could either be in Newfoundland, if the flight goes through or I could be in Halifax (if I'm waiting for a flight) or I could be sent back to Fredericton...  
so I'm going to give to the Newfoundland Number and I hope the President will let me let you know if there are any changes. and if I'm not able to get to tell you I'm not in Newfoundland just ask which ever sister that picks up the phone number to where I am. number-X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. and be by the computer because I we have approval from President to skype but I don't know if I'll be able to yet. maybe we should plan for 2pm? once again, I have no idea when would be best but that should work... *sigh* sorry this is so silly.
 OH and btw, Newfoundland is in it's own time zone. so will you google it/ do the math to see when it would be in 2pm in Newfoundland? I tried to work it out in my head but I'm not even sure when time zone I'm in now!
 [Newfoundland is 1 Hour 30 minutes ahead of Eastern Daylight Time]

30 Apr 2012 - "TRANSFERS"

this email will probably be short, I'm typing really slowly today (I don't know why)

     everything happened this week, all our plans worked out! i don't know how! so many wonderful stories from this week! I'll only be able to share a few. first is my favorite thing that happened at sister's conference-
                                    (before you read this story you need to understand the President Simpson is very serious, tall, a lawyer and a mission president = super intimating)
      sister's conference was really fun. we spent 2 nights in the mission home just hanging out, talking being girls, etc. sadly, due to the fact that me, Sister Huppe and Sister Davis had so much going on we didn't have a lot of time to relax. Sister Huppe and I needed to prepare 2 special musical numbers (one for Truro church and one for Chase's baptism and they couldn't be the same because we were singing it to the same people) and so as soon as we had free time we ran to the piano and started singing trying to figure out what to sing from the Hymn book. we struggled, nothing was sounding or feeling good. after about half an hour someone entered the room and said "here Sister Bentley see if you can play these." I turned to see President Simpson holding a large stack of sheet music. he came in sat down on a chair next to the piano took the top song off the stack and handed it to me. I nervously took the music and began playing, I was shocked when President Simpson started SINGING!!! no joke! I turned to sister Huppe and she couldn't hide the shock on her face either! President handed me song after song and him and sister Huppe sang all of them. it was so fun! it felt a lot like all the times me, and Henry just hang around the piano and sing. but it was with President Simpson! crazy! I said to him " wow President you sing pretty well, I would have never guessed." he replied "well, Sister Bentley you maybe shocked to learn that I have been singing for a long time and I also play electric guitar." .... yes, this is a true story, it really did happen.... and President helped us find a great song to sing!
                         earlier that day we were in the temple and I got the impression that i need a blessing because Heavenly Father had something He needed to tell me and so that afternoon I I asked President if he would give it (Which was terrifying). so after singing, when things were quite again President pulled me and sister Davis and Sister Huppe into his office. he asked me what I needed the blessing for, I explained the prompting I received in the temple. then he layed his hands on my head and gave me a POWERFUL blessing, which said a lot of amazing things but the most terrifying was that I was about to be giving a lot of responsibility and that it was time to step up and be a leader. it said a lot more (sister Davis wrote it down for me) after that blessing President sat with us and expounded on more of what my blessing meant. He then flat out told me and Sister Huppe that the Lord was about to give us a lot more responsibility and that we were to be key leaders in our mission.
                            as you can imagine this made me TERRIFIED for transfers! on friday President made a special call just for us to tell us transfers. we learned that Sister Davis was to stay in Halifax, Sister Huppe would stay in Truro and train and that I am to be sent to Newfoundland as senior companion! I'm freaking out! I'm going to be senior companion in an area I don't know! which means I'll be making the decisions, I'll be doing the driving, I'll be responsible for everything in Mount Pearl Newfoundland. I'm so shocked.
                          so it is spring time here in Halifax but yesterday in SNOWED in Newfoundland!!! and the only way to get to Newfoundland is to take an hour and a half flight from Halifax. the branch in Newfoundland is so small that the branch president is President Simpson! the English everyone talks is completely different! apparently President Simpson doesn't know what they say half the time. and I'm senior companion! I'm freaking out!
                            I cried yesterday having to say goodbye to Truro! it was so sad! Jessica (who was baptized on March 31st) started crying when I told her I was leaving!

                          both the baptisms happened this week! Brother Chase who was baptized in Truro  was to happy! he is totally different then he was the day Sister Davis and I knocked on his door in January! On the day of his baptism the sisters and I bought him a while shirt and 2 ties (which I was able to figure out sizes because of my experience with white shirts& 3 brothers). I got to teach him how to tie a tie! (Jayson I taught him a double Windsor all thanks to you!) it was an amazing day! I wish I could have put it in a bottle and kept it forever! the spirit was so strong at Brother Chase's baptism! Sister huppe and I sang well, it was kind of a miracle.

                   wish I could write more!
                          Love, Sister Bentley

PS. thank you for your prayers, I still have a head cold. I'm hoping it will go down when I'm in just one area again! 

some pictures from sister's conference. hopefully seeing a picture of president Simpson will help make my story more understandable

23 Apr 2012 - "Still Alive"

Dear everyone, my Companions and I are doing alright. it's hard being with two people all the time! I love them but they certainly aren't prefect (nor am I). This experience certainly has shed some light on what it will be like to be married, to an imperfect person. (thank goodness I'm not marrying a girl) I love my Companions though, I'm going to be so sad (but grateful) when this 2 area thing is over... I've been sick this week. I slept for half on Thursday, most of Friday and all of Saturday. my companions dropped me off at a senor couple's home on saturday so I could sleep and they could work. it was so sad to not be with them working. but I worked Sunday and today even though my head still pounds and I have a nasty cough. we have a GREAT week coming up. we have planning 2 baptisms this weekend! and we have Sister's Conference (where are all 7 sisters in our mission getting to come to the mission home for a few days to go to the temple and be trained) I'm super excited. hopefully I'll have lots of good news next week! love, Sister Bentley

16 Apr 2012

so, I'll try to remember everything I need to tell you. I did get the package you sent... I'm glad you got my package. how did you all feel about ketchup chips/ maple cookies?... I woke up today with the flu, my companions have it too (but apparently I looked really bad this morning that my companions "forced" me to go back to bed. but then I "forced" them to go to the library to e-mail this afternoon. this has certainly been a week of feeling support from home! not only did I get a package from you guys. I also got a package from Grandma. I got letters from friends from the MTC, a letter from the Wiggins and then this morning I had SEVEN letters in my mail box from people in the Fayetteville YSA Ward!! I am so grateful, to all those who followed the spirit and chose to write me this week (I guess it was actually two weeks ago because of silly Canadian mail service) but I certainly felt the love! thank you all so much! of course, being a missionary isn't about receiving letters but when you've had a long week it is a nice pick-me-up. (and don't forget to write to my dear, sweet companions too Sister C. Davis and Sister Huppe) Heavenly Father continues to bless Sister Davis, Sister Huppe and I. this week we've have many trials with a lot of our investigators. we've had some many reasons to give up or to even go home. but in those moments it's amazing to me how pushing forward, going out and working and testifying of the truthfulness of the message of The Gosple will give you the boost you need. Heavenly Father really is the best! we are planing another baptism this weekend! and then one the following weekend! it's that just amazing?!? this NEVER happens in the Canada Halifax mission! Heavenly Father is LITERALLY POURING the blessings of heaven upon us! and be barley have room to receive! I just love these people. I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world then serving, loving and teaching the people here! even when I'm ridiculously tired there still isn't anywhere I would rather be! Love you all! Sister Bentley P.S. so I have a question for you. I know this is far in advance, but sister davis is going home soon and she talks about it a lot. and can't help but thing what will happen in 14 months for me! I'm sure you and mom will ask me to come to Halifax and tour my mission with me but I think I would rather go to Spain and tour your mission dad! the only reason I'm writing about it now is because a trip like that takes planning and saving. so what do you think about that? don't worry, I love it here. I'm not aching to be done or anything.