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Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
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Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

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07 May 2012 - "hello from... New Brunswick???"

hello everyone,
yes you did read the subject correctly... let me tell you about my last couple of days...
on wedsday we dropped Sister Huppe off at the mission home to pick up her new companion (Sister Hart) and they drove back to Truro. then on Thursday and half of Friday Sister Davis and I worked in Halifax, it was so fun having it be just the two of us! and crazy miricals continued to happen in Halifax! (hopefully I'll be able to explain later, but I have A LOT to talk about today) then Firday night Sister Spragg (sister Davis' new companion) and Sister Ott (who was picking up her new Companion from Newfoundland) came in and spent the night. Saturday morning my flight was at 11am and Sister Olsen (the sister being transfered out of Newfoundland was arriving at 2pm. so we get to the airport, go to check in and the computer won't let me check in. we come to find out that my flight was cancelled due to fog... FOG?!? so I asked the gate agent what I need to do now and she told me to go home because all the flights were cancelled/ backed up until tuesday.
     the four of us (Me, Sister Davis, Sister Spragg, Sister Ott) didn't know what to do so we called the office couple, and they said they would call the assistance/ Sister Simpson to see what to do. so the four of us started driving back to the Halifax aptartment when we recieved a phone call from the Assistance saying "sister Bentley get in the car with Sister Ott, you're going to Fredricton South." ...I was so shocked... I asked how long I would be staying there for their reply was they I could be there for a few days, a week, or maybe a whole transfer, they didn't know.
      so sister Ott and I loaded up the Fredricton car and drove 5 hours in the opposit direction of Newfoundland...
                           ....this is a true story... I still can't believe it. 
so just found...
I'm driving back to Halifax on Friday and I have a flight booked in Newfoundland on Saturday.
SO... this means that on Sunday (mother's day) I could either be in Newfoundland, if the flight goes through or I could be in Halifax (if I'm waiting for a flight) or I could be sent back to Fredericton...  
so I'm going to give to the Newfoundland Number and I hope the President will let me let you know if there are any changes. and if I'm not able to get to tell you I'm not in Newfoundland just ask which ever sister that picks up the phone number to where I am. number-X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. and be by the computer because I we have approval from President to skype but I don't know if I'll be able to yet. maybe we should plan for 2pm? once again, I have no idea when would be best but that should work... *sigh* sorry this is so silly.
 OH and btw, Newfoundland is in it's own time zone. so will you google it/ do the math to see when it would be in 2pm in Newfoundland? I tried to work it out in my head but I'm not even sure when time zone I'm in now!
 [Newfoundland is 1 Hour 30 minutes ahead of Eastern Daylight Time]

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