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09 April 2012

this is picture from a Zone conference from one of the Zones we are in. a don't remember if I send it before
I'm going to quote my letter to president again because it sums up a lot of this week, this week has been crazy (but what week isn't crazy when there is a baptism to prepare for?) everything is seriously one big blur! last night when we were reflecting on what we have done this week i honestly had forgotten that we had taught one of our investigators, Dave, on Tuesday because it felt like it had been eternity since we had seen him! but things are going pretty well, how can I complain about anything when Saturday we had a wonderful baptism? Marcie (I mean Sister Webb) is such a sweet spirit! I just love her, and it was such a privilege to be at her baptism and get to see her grow closer to Heavenly Father. after her baptism she said that she felt 'all warm and tingly' and that she was excited to be confirmed. on Sunday while she was being confirmed she was promised amazing blessings! when we asked her how she felt after church, she said "before, I would always feel warm, happy and at home whenever I would read the Book of Mormon or go to church but it would always leave. I felt that way when I was being blessed and it hasn't left!!" isn't that just a prefect description of the Holy Ghost verses The Gift of the Holy Ghost? it was such a learning moment for me! Heavenly Father truly has promised us to have the Holy Ghost with us always, and He will keep His promise and we keep His commandments! I'm just so blessed at everything Heavenly Father is showing and teaching me! it's super hard sometimes, still but He keeps helping me get through it and usually feel joy along the way. I really don't understand how everything is still going but it is, everything hasn't blown up yet. in fact, in the limited amount of time that we had to street contact this week we found and set up appointments with great people! I'm really looking forward to teaching them this week. we have had so many powerful lessons, it's amazing especially since we are all so tired but because we keep trying the Spirit really had been the one to teach and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. really the biggest opposition we've had this week has come from the members. it just blows my mind that we had a wonderful baptism in Halifax this week and one in Truro last week and members still think that us working in two areas is somehow a trial for them and that the areas are suffering because of it! their lack of faith is frustrating, and really makes me sad. especially since every time any of us hear people talk that way we bare testimony that this is The Lord's work and as long as we are faithful HE will never let His vineyard suffer. but apparently it just hasn't sunk in. so this week we had ANOTHER BAPTISM! it was so wonderful! her name is Marcie, she is a student at Dal Housie, she is 20 and she has surblo-palsy (I don't know how to spell it) she is such an inspiration! it's just amazing to me all of these people that the 3 of us have met and started teaching ever since we have been a trio are getting baptized! and we have more coming up! I know it was The Lord's plan to put the three of us together. what a blessing and a miracle! and there are more to come. on Saturday was Sister Huppe's 22 birthday so while we were filling up the baptism font (it took 4 hours) Sister Davis and I made her dinner and a cake. it was so much fun! (We giggle way too much in our companionship) I made banana, strawberry, and nutella stuffed french toast! sister Davis made fresh sausage, biscuits, sausage gravy and home made syrup. it was pretty much the best dinner I've had in 4 months! it was so good and so fun! and also, I learned this week that Sister Huppe grew up and was best friends with Molly Emmette (one of my roommate from LDS Business College) small world! we met a crazy guy this week! we knocked on his door and started testifying of the Book of Mormon. as soon as he learned who we were he started staying crazy this like. "the last 10 Presidents of the Unite State were Mormon" after a few minutes we were done with his crazy talk so Sister Huppe tried to leave by shaking his hand but he wouldn't let go and kept saying crazy things about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. once we were able to get him to let go we all simply started walking away because he won't stop talking. he followed us all the way down his drive way yelling "stop wasting you time, go home!" but we simply ignored him. on the next door we met a sweet girl that was looking for more in her life and happily let us teach her. if we had listened to him we would have met her! Heavenly Father loves all His children. I'm so privileged to be lead to those who have been prepared! The Gospel IS true. Joseph Smith WAS God's prophet and Thomas Monson IS HIS prophet TODAY! Love, Sister Bentley

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