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Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
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202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

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22 May 2012 - "Happy Victoria day!!!‏"

 so yesterday was victoria day... so EVERYTHING was closed, SO we couldn't e-mail. sorry about that! but no worries, I'm alive and well!

   yesterday was still preparation day (but we couldn't shop or anything) so the St. John's elders, and some YSA from the branch played soccer for a while. and then we played American football, which me, and Elder Harty had to teach them how to play!?! they kept confusing the rules with ruby, it was so funny. and then we all went on a two hour hick around St. John's bay (where we saw a huge iceberg!). we were all so tired, but it was amazing!!! oh my gosh it's so beautiful here. can you believe I live in Newfoundland right now? I still can't believe it! last night we went to visit a less active and it turned out she had family there but she invited us in. we had a ReALLY cool conversation with them about all the places they have been. one place we talked about was Yellowknife! It made me think of Kenny, remember when he and Tanner wanted to go there? it sounds like a pretty crazy place. and then some how our conversation turned to God. they started asking us question about why bad things are happening in the world and why some people have "easy lives". i taught a little bit of the Plan of Salvation and bore testimony that through the atonement of Jesus Christ ALL will be made right, it was really spiritual! one of them started crying. it was an interesting day. \
   today, we woke we got to go to district meeting in Bay Roberts! OH MY GOODNESS it was the most beautiful drive! and bay Roberts is SOOOOOOO beautiful! seriously! Google it and see for yourself. on the way the district meeting i saw a wild moose!!! no joke! my first Canadian moose sighting! it was just walking along the road... it was SO cool!!! I've seen a moose, an iceberg and now i just need to see a puffin and my life is complete, haha!  


it occured to me this week that Sunday is my these favorite day of the week because it's SO stressful, there is SO much to do!!! I'm grateful to be able to have the sacrament but church is so hard to enjoy when you are worrying about investigators and less actives enjoying their time there and meeting with the branch president, etc. Sister simpson, (mission president's wife) said to us last sunday "you know missionaries need to observe sanday as a day of rest, you all work too hard on Sunday!" if only we could! but the work of the Lord is far more important than rest, THAT"S for sure.
      so Mount Pearl has been struggling the pass few months, the area hasn't hit the standard of excellence in a long time (if you don't know what that is talk to Kenny or Jayson or look it up in Preach my Gospel). so all week I begged and pleaded that we could this week! and guess what? we did! it was amazing. Heavenly Father is so mindful, and He has SO much in store for Newfoundland!!!! I feel it EVERYDAY when i wake up in the morning! I so grateful to be don't this work! I Love LOVE LOVE it here. mom, don't worry i'm not the least pit home sick. there is no where else i would rather be than right here. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. it's funny how The Lord really makes it so easy to love this work once you give your heart and mind to it. HE is THE BEST! I know Jesus Christ lives. I'm so honored to be His representative HERE in Newfoundland! I am so blessed! I'm so grateful for the opportunities for growth that I know lay ahead. I know my mission is prefect for me. i need to be here. the Book of Mormon is true!

                               Sister Bentley      

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