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20 February 2012

... whenever people ask about my family I always tell them
that the first grand-baby is coming soon, and that she is going to be
just the cutest and that she will be spoiled rotten!
okay so weather this week, it's been so warm! I even didn't have to
wear a scarf the other day! and the day before I started sweating a
little while walking up a hill, which tells me two things 1. I am out
of shape 2. SPRING IS COMING! everyone is shocked! but I'm so excited!
the sun has been shining almost all day everyday...
they changed the sister dress/ grooming site. so if anyone wants to
look on the site and send me fun cloths (especially jewlery and
purses) like this site that would be sweet. you don't have to, just a
so on Saturday Sister Davis and i planned and put together our
first baptism. sadly, it wasn't for one of our investigators but it
was for one of the 8 year-old girls in the branch. she had been
wanting to be baptized since she turned 8 in September, her mom didn't
know how (and didn't want put the effort into learning how) and no one
else in the branch took the initiative to do it and so the Sister
Missionaries took care of everything. normally the branch mission
leader would be the one to coordinate most baptisms but he was just
baptized himself 3 months ago and we are in the prosses of teaching he
about the church/ his calling. everything came together in the end but
it was kind of a disaster. Sister Davis and I agreed that now we have
experience for when we are planning for our children's baptisms.
as I as reading the Book of Mormon this morning I came across
Alma 38:9 to me it was saying that true wisdom= faith is Jesus Chirst.
I love this gospel so much! I love that I get to share it with others.
my favorite thing I've experience so far on my mission is seeing
change in the countenance of those we are teaching. seeing the spirit
work in someone really is amazing. and I'm so blessed to get to see it
first hand!!! and I don't do anything, the Spirit literally does all
the work. did I mention I'm so blessed to be here? I love it and I
love HIM who's work this is. I keep thinking "these were times never
to be forgotten" (I'm pretty sure that's a quote from Oliver Cowdery
talking about working with Joseph Smith)
tomorrow is my first Zone Leadership training. it over an hour
away in Newglassgo. it will pretty much be roll playing from 8 am to 4
pm and since Sister Davis and I are the only sisters in the Zone we
have the privilege of roll playing with President Simpson and the
Assistance... I'm kind of terrified.
OH and President Simpson also asked (well really it was more of an
assignment) to speak with him next week in sacrament meeting. I don't
mind speaking but i'm a little bit intimidated to speak with him.

... so Sister Davis and I volunteer at a nursing home on Fridays, and
there are always people there who volunteer their time and talents to
sing and play for the seniors. I always think "Henry and I could
totally do this..." wouldn't it be fun to go sing some old show tunes
for a nursing home?
the work is hard, and the 'numbers' aren't satisfying. but it is the
sweetest feeling to come in after working your heart out all day,
getting rejection after rejection and having no "measurable success"
but then getting on your knees and feeling the Holy Ghost whisper your
work has been excepted by The Lord. up to this point in my life, I
have never felt anything so delicious, so sweet, so satisfying as to
have the Holy Ghost "consecrate my performance... for the welfare of
my soul" (2 Nephi 32:9)

love you all,
Sister Bentley

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