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13 Feb 2012

things are going okay here. the week went by so fast! today is the
first day of my 2nd transfer. life as a missionary is just crazy. I
can't explain it, just go on a mission then you'll understand.
we've been knocking a ton this week, (and it's crazy to me how many
men answer the door with no shirt on in the winter) and it hasn't been
fun because of the weather! but because of our dillegence and The
Lord's blessings we have a lot of teaching appointments this next
I realized this week that I don't feel satisfied when sister Davis
and I have "good numbers" for the week. what brings me the most
satisfaction is walking into the apartment at the end of the day and
feeling The Holy Ghost assure you that your work has been excepted by
The Lord. When I feel that way, than I'm ezcited to wake up the next
day and knock for 12 hours just as long as it is for The Lord.


I was just talking to someone that had been in GA this week, they said
it was pretty cold! that's too bad!

honestly, -3 is warm. I'm greatful when it's just -3. the weather this
week has been crazy. on wed it was kinda warm (+5 degrees) and sunny!
on thrusday it was +3 and rainy, everyone said it was 'pouring rain'
but they've never seen a Gerogia rain storm. on friday and most of
saturday it was still pretty mild. then Saturday night/ Sunday morning
I incountered something I thought people only joked about... FREEZING
RAIN... on Sunday morning we woke up to -17 and an sheet of ice an
inch thick on EVERYTHING! trees were frozen in strange directions and
all the outside stairs has become ice-ramps! and sadly here in Nova
Soctia they are 'cancel happy' meaning they look for any and every
excuse to cancel everything! so church was canceled. you know what
that means? we knocked doors all day yesterday! woohoo! it wasn't too
bad. it was a little scary walking on ice all day but I survived.
actually it's kind of a funny story, we had been out for a few
hours and I was cold, and no one was listening, so I was complaining
to The Lord in my head about the weather and how hard missionary work
is sometimes. I then thought/ prayed to The Lord "Father am I even
suppose to be here?!? why aren't things happening?!? Why don't you
just send me some place else if I keep messing things up?!?" I had
scarcy thought that thought when I slipped and fell right on my back.
as I layed on the ground for a moment I realized I was being silly and
I instantly started laughing! Heavenly Father had just knocked some
sense into me. I felt so much better after that! (BTW I slipped on a
non- smooth ice patch of ground, so there was no logical reason for me
to fall)
on that note, sister Davis and I have almost knocked all of Truro...
seriously! we are kind of freaking out about it. we are going to try
to start working through members more.


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