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06 Feb 2012

Dear everyone,
I'm cold... you know it's cold outside will your face hurts the
moment you walk out the door!
last night we were knocking in -16 weather with a wind chill of -28!
THAT WAS COLD! we could only be outside for about twenty minutes
before we were numb (even though I was wearing 10 layers and toe
warmers!). needless to say we only knocked for a twenty minutes last
night! LOL!
I was talking to someone from Alberta the other day and she said that
-25 in Truro feels like the -60 in Alberta! so yeah, it's cold. I
pretty much wear ever item of clothing I own every day... okay it's
not that bad. but there have been times while knocking that I think
about my MTC District that went to California and Arizona and I try
not to get jealous.
so the Truro Branch just had someone return home from their mission
in Texas. during church he came right up to us to announce with pride
that during his whole two years he never had to knock a door. The
Halifax Canada mission is different from Texas. but it doesn't have to
everyone listen closely to what I'm about to tell you. HELP YOUR
FULL-TIME MISSIONARIES! and I don't mean feeding them. I mean prepare
your friends to except the gospel. don't throw a BOM in their face, to
tell them that HAVE to meet with missionaries or else. live the
gospel! and I don't mean just be good I mean OPEN YOUR MOUTH and tell
people why you have so much peace and happiness in your life. as you
freely and happily talk about the Gospel I promise it won't be awkward
and you will receive the blessings that come from fulfilling YOUR
responsibly from THE LORD to find people for the missionaries to
teach. knocking is a way to find but it is not effective. it takes me
and sister Davis 2 hours to find one person that is willing to let us
come back 5 out of 10 times they aren't home when we go back 3 out of
10 times they change their minds. and out of the 2 that actually
listen 1 lets us come back again and .5 actually progress in the
gospel. most poeple are brought into the church by their friends
inviting them!
I'm so grateful to have the gospel in my life! what a joy! what a
rare blessing to have been taught the only true gospel my whole life!
think about only 15 million people have this message. there are so
many more that need to hear and are willing to hear! we just have to
share with them. (it will only be awkward if you make it awkward)
so I've been trying to find some
really dependable snow boots, but they are hard to find in a small
town like Truro...
whoever thought of sending the tacobell sauce was BRILLIANT! there is
taco bell up here but no sauces, it kind of blows my mind! feel free
to always send more of that! ;) thank you so much for the package! as
soon as the UPS truck pulled up I just knew it was from you guys.

the church is just so different here.
I mean it's the same organization and gospel but the people... are
just so Canadian...
Canadians are seriously the most indirect people I've ever met!
communication is so bazaar, no one listens to each other and no one
takes the initiative to actually DO something they would rather sit
around for hours and TALK about doing it. seriously! Branch council
will run for over 2 hours, and nothing will have been decided or
delegated! last Sunday we were in the meeting for 2 1/2 hours before
the Progress Record was even mentioned! and no one ever looks at the
BUT there is hope, the Lord has had 5 young families move in from
places where the church is stronger and these families understand how
the church is suppose to run, so I'm hoping they will be able to help
get everything straighted out!

love you,
Sister Bentley

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