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Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

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January 9, 2012

oh my family,


how I love you and your emails!

Kenny- my companion is from merced (I think that's how you spell it) I told her where you served your mission [San Jose, CA] but she didn't say anything about it. and yes, it is cold. last week it got down to -10 while we were tracting... so I don't wanna hear anything about 65 being cold! just kidding, I'm sure if I was there I would have complained about the tempurater too!


Henry, way to go on inviting people! it's those little steps that bring people closer to the gosple.


As for Tony [an investigator she was teaching], and all the Asian students they dropped us on Saturday (thye asked us not to come back). we still have hope for Tony but we aren't teaching them anymore. and that is just the way this work goes. God gave everyone agency to choose even after they recieve a witness that it's true.


But Heavenly Father is still mercifull to those that want to do His will. He loves us all so much! everything He does is for us, just like it says in Psalms 50 " when I consider the heavens... who is man that thou aren't mindful of him?" He is all knowing, all powerful and yet all loving and mindful of all of His children. (even those that choose not to follow Him)


so, more reandom facts aboot (lol) Canada. Everyone is required to recycle, because of this trash only comes every other week and if you don't recycle right they fine you. also dairy is super expentive, soy is ALOT cheaper then dairy and I'm totally okay with that. Stamps are also expensive, $1.09 per stamp! I use to think that everything is Canada was expensive because their dollar was weaker, but no. I exchanged all my USA money at a bank and they bought it for .90cents to the dollar! I love Canadian money, they have awesome $1 and $2 coins and on their $5 bill they have Hockey, seriously. I also found my new favorite treat, they are called "Mr. Maple" they are maple cookies, I love them more than Oreos, they have changed my life.

   as for my cloths, they are holding up well. I wear 4 layers and I feel fine. but I could use some more thermal underwear (and garments) and layers in general. tell Grandma that the scarf she made is great, it is a good length for wrapping around my neck and face a couple times.


My address here is Truro is,


1210 Prince St #1

Truro, NS B2N1J4



I wouldn't mind having pictures either.


so on Friday Sister Davis and I received a media referal, which means someone in our area had gone on and requested missionaries to bring a Book of Mormon. We were super excited! but as we looked at the address we were requested to go, we relized it was really far away! (but it was still in our area because our area is HUGE) we decided to try. We left on Sunday at 2:30 to head to her house. we took a long mountain-dirt- ice road to get there. we arrived at about 4 and thankfully we found her! her name is Lori she is about 17 and is searching for what Chirst wants her is do. As we talked we learned that she "found God and Jesus" only a month and a half ago! before that she didn't think there was a God. she now she knows He is there and better yet she knows HE WILL answer her prayers. we told her about where the Book of Mormon came from, and what it means for all of us and our relationship with God. Lori is super smart, she understood everything we taught. at the end we asked if she would be baptized on the 29 of Jan and she agreed! Lori says she knows God will give her the answer to weather or not the Book of Mormon is true by then and that that can be the tenitive date. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! it was serouisly the most incredible experice. and it was so symbolic that Heavenly Father had us travel through a mountain pass, in mud and ice for over an hour to find that one soul that was ready. on a mission and through life Heavenly Father will ask us to go through a lot, sometimes even heck and back, but He asks us because He wants give blessings, all He wants is to bless us! but being a just God He will give us something we don't desirve. often I've found He doesn't want to give the bare minimal of blessings so He will ask us to do more than the bare minimal of work. the more He asks us to work the more incredible the blessings!

I know this is true, if you don't know or if you are unsure, pray sincerly and He will let you know He loves you and He has a great plan instore for you!


I love being here. it's super hard, but way awesome! Jesus Christ lives! He is as real as me typing this email! there IS a Father in Heaven that has all power and has prepared the way before me and before you if you are righteous to do great things, not great in the sight of men but great in His Eternal sight!


much love,

Sister Bentley



Ps. there is a member in the branch named Entwisel! I can't remember how we are related to the entwisels! will someone sent me my four generation pedigree chart? no pressure though, I'm the silly one that forgot it!


PPS. we are going boot shopping today. if I find something good I will buy it using the USAA prepaid card. My coat is holding up fine. I shouldn't need a new coat until spring when is starts raining a ton.


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