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Jan 23, 2012

I'm doing fine. this week has been hard, hard, HARD. we had a lot of
investigators drop us (even after reading the Book of Mormon), we had
lot of people yell at us, we had a lot of tracking in -12 weather...
and barley any sleep, and an ear and backache. I'm gonna be honest,
there were moments this week that I considered what it would be like
to go home. then I remembered Jesus Christ, the rejection He faced,
the people that yelled and spat at Him even though THE SON of God was
standing right in front of them! and then I would remember what HE has
done for me... how could I turn me back on someone who loves me enough
to pay for my dumb, thoughtless mistakes?
well... I can't. I love HIM too much to leave HIM and HIS great work behind.
I love FATHER in HEAVEN as well, I know HE is there.
So... this week... has been so fast! I can't believe it's Monday
again! and I CAN"T believe it's the 23rd! holy cow! Mission life is
strange that way. the minutes usually feel like YEARS but the weeks
are like moments! it's crazy.
we started teaching a man named 'Denver' this week, he is from
Jamaica. he is just what you might expect from a Jamaican, dreadlocks,
Bob Marley posters, everything! I love him! when we taught him about
the restoration his eyes get really big and said "I need to know if
this is true!" we are teaching him again tonight, i'm looking forward
to it.
My companion, Sister Davis, is awesome! she is completely
organized in every way, she is a total nerd, and she loves the gospel!
I'm so grateful for her! I don't want another companion, or another
area for that matter.
so crazy story! last week Sister Davis was telling me that her
family loves eggs, spam and rice for breakfast. she talked about how
much she missed it! (the Canadian version of spam is called "Kam" it's
apparently not the same)
and then on Sunday in our "feed the missionaries" basket there was
spam! she we tickled pink! it just goes to show that Heavenly Father
is always listening and that He wants to bless us.
I still think canned meat sounds gross...
so I still can't believe I'm in Canada! it's so strange, every once
in a while I 'realize' that I'm in Canada and I always wonder how on
earth I got here.
so the Truro Branch has a goal of becoming a ward by the end of
2012. and so the Branch Pres. is really trying to get people to start
becoming active members of God's kingdom, he asked sister davis and I
to speak on obedience in sacrament meeting. (before I continue the
story I should tell you that we listen to Gen. Conference talks on CD
that sister davis burns. and this week the theme of the CD was 'Elder
Holland' and so all week we've been listening to him calling everyone,
especially the priesthood to repentance. he is so EPIC, I want to be
like him!) so yesterday i stood up to speak and I quoted from memory
the 121 section of the D&C starting in verse 34 to the end, but
changing the words a little bit to say 'they' instead of 'he' ect. and
then, I don't know what came over me but I said "brothers and sisters
a marvelous work is about it come forth in Truro. if you aren't with
the work you are against it. IT WILL COME FORTH WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.
if you want to go from being 'called' to being 'chosen' then you must
wake up and do something about it, before it is everlastingly too
I think I had been listening to too much elder Holland... I don't
know what good it will do but we'll see. I'm always worried about
being too forward here, but it is too late now...

thank you all for your love and prayers!
Sister Bentley

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