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Elicia's current mailing addresses are:

Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

(When we get a mailing address for St. John's, we'll post it)

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Merry Christmas!

I were told just this morning that we would be able to write our famlies today.
this week has been wonderful!I can't tell you in what ways I have grown but I so have!
last night we (all 2100 missionaries) watched a reinactment of christ's birth. and then we got to  watch a chirstmas carol! and we all sang christams song together! it was wonderful! best christmas I've ever had!this morning all the sisters in my room woke up early and opened gifts together (thank you by the way!) and then we got dressed and watched music and a spoken word as an MTC. it was awesome! and then Elder Bednar came a presided over a sacrament meeting composed of 2120 missionaries, 66 elders blessing and passing the sacrament all together in one room! it was AMAZING! he then spoke to us for two hours about Christ.
 I know Chirst lives, He is very real. I know He was born of humble brith and rose to become the king of kings and lord of lords. I will repeat, HE LIVES. I love Him with all I have, He is my Lord and Masster. He is the way, the truth and the light. no man comes to the Father except by HIM. this is more than just a hope, I know He is Rreal, I KNOW HE is risen and that He has preppared a way for all of us! Trust in Him my dear family and friends. He knows you He suffered and died for you! never forget Him, He never forgets you! if you were the only person on this earth that had made a mistake He would have still come to earth and paid the price for YOUR sins because of how much He loves you! I will gladly seal my testimony with that of Joseph smith's in the 76 chapter of the D&C.
  my dear firends and famliy I beg you to ssreach for HIm, come to know Him! start today, get on you knees and ask with your whole soul if He is there and if He died for you! I know He will answer in His time. Search for the answer in the Book of Mormon, fill your soul with it's words, you won't know how hungry your soul is until you start to feast, you may find that you have been in despret need of the bread of life!  and that you have never really sprirtually  eaten. He LIVES! please take me invitation to come to know HIM you won't regret it! if you think you know Him , continue to seek HIm out, through the Atoneomet me are always able to progress you become more! when you recieve this knowledge then christmaas day will become 1000 times more meaningful! He really does live, wich means you are not lost, and not alone! just rely of Him and all our sins and sorrows will be taken.
                                                love to all,
 Sister Elicia bentley 

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