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Elicia's current mailing addresses are:

Sister E. Bentley - or - Sister E. Bentley
Canada Halifax Mission
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F Nova Scotia
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5 Canada

(When we get a mailing address for St. John's, we'll post it)

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Dear everyone!

I have changed so much this week! I love it here! I dont want to leave! things arent perfect but the spirit is so strong. (my key board is messing up)

I cant begin to tell you the things that have happened to me this week, that are too sacred. not only to me but to others and to Heavenly Father. I will tell you that Ive been able to see so many mircales! Ive been teaching REAL investigators, helping missionaries and having alot of one on one time with my Father in Heaven.

for Christmas we are having a special guest (no one will tell who it is) we are having a hugh sacrament meeting with ALL the missionaies all together. that 2000 missionaries, one room, 66 preisthood passing the sacrament, and one special guest... this will be the coolest christmas ever!!!!

sister Ott is thankful for the christmas gifts.
I wish I had time to tell you about every single missionary in my district I love them so much! we have all changed a ton since we first got here! it makes being friends with them interesting, since things have been changing so fast! I imagine it it kind of like marriage, your companion is always changing and you love them anyway! something that is wonderful about the Elders in mty disticy to that NONE of them have Girlfirends! they all focus on the Lord and His work! Henry, DONÂȘT get invovled with girls!

this week we have been learning about teaching by the spirit! and its amazing! I can explain how much Ive learned. Ive had so many answers to things ive been praying to understand for years! things are finally coming together for me! (once again too sacred to go into detail about) but it has been unexpected and great! being humble helps you be yourself and relax which helps you be honest and sincer which helps you listen to your investigator and when we listen to them the Holy Ghost will answer through us! true story!

I got to run! have a merry christmas! thanks for the box!

love, Sister Bentley

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