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December 26, 2011

So I'm writing again because it's my P-day and i can.
Sorry I didn't see this email earlier dad. I think out of everyone I've received emails and letters from yours are the most suprising, I'm not sure why. maybe I'm just not use to having a lot of time to talk to just you. I'm also sorry if I gave anyone the impression I was leaving/ giving up. I am not a quiter and I've received a special assingment from the Lord to go to Halifax, I know better than to give up. Satan would love for me to give up and turn back but I know I will be betraying the Lord doing so. yes, the last three weeks have been the hardest time of my life! I've seen the ways I've grown from them and I LOVE it! I'm actually more worried that I'm going to stop growing so fast when I get to the feild! I would hate that! I want to be everything the Lord has for me to be.
I know the Gospel is true, I know Jesus Christ lives!
after I wrote yesterday my distict went on a temple walk, when we were walking back I randomly fell. I have NO idea how that happened. but it was pretty bad, very painful. my first thought when I fell was "Oh no, how will I serve the Lord with a broken ankle." "I can't have a broken ankle because I need to leave on tuesday." and then my very next thought was "whatever your plan for me is Lord, I except it."
I'm fine, I'm just a little sore and have a bloody knee and ruined leggings but I found that moment interesting because it helped me learn about myself. I want to do the Lord's will. I love Him. He is my everything. He raises me up to be so much more than I could ever be on my own!
There is an Elder here in my district, Elder Yarmak, he reminds me of you ALOT. he is so smart, logical and presents all of his ideas well. he and I have had many deep doctrinal disussions. he is very soft spoken. I'm greatful he is here. I'm greatful for you dad. I'm greatful for your love of the gospel and how much it inspired me from a very young age. I'm greatful for your logic and understanding. I'm greatful for your patience for me and others. I'm greatful for your example of always trying to be better, to know more and to draw closer to Jesus Chirst. 
I love you dad, 
     Sister Bentley  

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